Saturday, December 05, 2009

The end of the semester & the MALE EQUIPMENT

Hello people, I know i have been a very bad blogger, but blame it on the S..S...S....C...H..O...O...L... Did you get the drift of what i was trying to do? A blame it on the A...A...A...LCOHOL kinda thing. To say i have been extremely busy, would be a serious understatement. Thank God for life, love, family, good health and everything in between. Whew! It seems as if this year just flew by.

So what has been happening in my life lately. Thank God, I passed my candidacy exam this semester. WOOHOO!!! So you can now call me a PhD Candidate or a Doctoral candidate, i'll let u decide whichever you prefer. My analogy for this is that my name is now written in pencil. Lemme break it down for you:

When you 1st get admitted to a PhD program, ur name is written in chalk meaning when a strong wind blows or something, it can be wiped off in an instant, then when you pass the candidacy exam, your name is written in pencil meaning it can still be easily erased, but by now u've become used to the strong wind so that the wind cannot blow it off easily. Then when you take your written & oral comprehensive exam in your 3rd year and pass that's when your name gets written in ink and is difficult to erase, then when you are ABD (All But Dissertation) and you successfully write and defend your dissertation, that's when your name is etched in permanent marker which cannot be erased. Gerrit?

To say this semester has been challenging wouldn't do it justice at all, but in all i still thank God. I wake up everyday (scratch that everyday part) with a renewed love for what i do, and ever so thankful to God for choosing this program for me. To tell you the truth, i don't think i could've chosen better and to think that this program was a last resort thing for me seems interesting now that i look back. God does know me and my abilities better than i know myself.

This semester, I was a teacher's assistant (TA) for 2 classes, at the same time taking 3 intense classes and being a part time unofficial RA. Thank God next semester, i don't have to TA. I'll be a full time RA, which will give me enough time to write and publish. I pray and plan to have at least the 2 papers i have been working on published by the end of next semester. On a lighter note, the things i have heard from students and experienced while TA'ing, i can write a book on. Lemme share one of such:

Task: Write a scientific term paper on sexuality. Student writes in term paper (paraphrasing), a disadvantage for men is that when doing it, the male equipment gets tired and the male has to rest. The girl may assume that the man is not capable or that his equipment doesn't function well. What the heck is THE MALE EQUIPMENT??? Is that supposed to be his moustache, beard or what? If so, then what is the female equipment? What is "doing it?" For crying out loud this is a scientific paper and a 400 level class and you don't need to be shy/ uncomfortable 'cos u're writing it, not saying the word to me. Anyway, let's leave the school thingie alone for now.

The holidays are here, but i have no real holiday plans, maybe i'll just take a week off and then back to work. I need to sort out a few things and clear my head as per what exactly i am going to be doing for my dissertation. I have ideas, but nothing i am set on yet. This break will be spent editing for the 5th time ('cos i'm anal like that :) the 2 papers i have been working on. The plan is to submit them for publication by the end of January- Amen.

The bf (aka Mr. ELVEE) has been very supportive and understanding. I love that boy more and more everyday. I just thank God for bringing him into my life, 'cos whenever i get all wound up in the fabric of academia and all, he reminds me and helps me put in perspective things that are more important. Academia isn't the beginning and end of the world. In all of these, my family has been awesome and very supportive.

I really shouldn't be on this blog now typing this, considering the amount of things i have to do before the end of next week, screaming for my attention. But, it will all get done by God's grace even if i will have quite a number of sleepless nights. AH! The life of a student. I just pray and i am trusting God that everything will pay off eventually. I know he will not and has never brought me this far just to abandon me. That's comforting, that i have a father that will never ever fail me.

Have a very merry Christmas and always have a thankful spirit, 'cos no matter what situation u're in always remember that someone has it worse than you, and that where you are right now is still a prayer point for some others. Enjoy the holidays.