Friday, September 01, 2006

Random Musing

I really don't have anything in particular to blog about, but 'cos my fans, i wish (yes, u know urselves) have been begging me to update my blog, i'm going to give u a low down of happenings in my life. I came across this article on Boundless about blogs. It's so true. Last Thursday, my wisdom tooth was bothering me, it's been growing for the past 2 years. It started out by growing at an angle, now it's fully grown but it wouldn't come out of the gum. Why? I have no clue. So as i was preparing to go to bed on Thursday, after brushing my teeth i noticed i had something that looked like a hole in my gum at the site where the tooth was supposed to be, and it was red. I was scared, 'cos i thought it might be infected. Anyways, the next day, i ran to NY to get the tooth extracted. The dentist later told me the tooth was fully grown and was tryna push it's way out of the gum, i guess that explains the hole i saw. My mouth was swollen for 3 days, like i put a medium sized puff-puff in my mouth. I was spotting a Kanye West according to my sister. Thank God everything's okay now. I have 30 set of teeth, 2 wisdom teeth have been extracted.

Labor day weekend was aight. How can i forget to gist u guys about my scoper in NY a.k.a toaster or whatever u choose to call it. My uncle's friend, his co-worker but the guy is now like a brother to my uncle. Anyways, this guy let's call him Kesto. Kesto has a helluva crush on me. For real o. I met him for the first time at my baby cousin's 1st b'day. I was doing my thing as a big sis. jejely, oblivious to the fact that i was being scoped seriously. After the b'day party that night, i was going back to PA. My uncle, Kesto and my aunt walked me to my car. Next thing, Kesto called my aunt aside and was asking about me and some u-know-those-type-of-questions. My aunt later said to me in yoruba that it seems this bobo likes u.

Whenever i'm in NY, Kesto comes around. He lives not too far from my aunt's school. We talk about random stuff and that's it. He took my sister, my cousin and I bowling, we had fun. He paid for everything, from the cab fare to the food we ate, to the bowling shoes. So this my last trip to NY, he came to my aunt's place, we chatted as usual and i went back to reading my magazine. Kesto then hugged me from behind for like a minute and said I love you 3 times or more sef. I was shocked. I gave him the look and he cautioned himself quickly. He repeated it again, when he realized i wasn't too pleased, he then said he was just in a happy mood. I was like so? Na wetin consine me with dat? (What's my business with that?) He even went as far as saying to me, "Check this out (pointing to his clothes), the Lacoste jacket, shirt, pants and shoes. I was pissed thinking to myself, why's this dude trying to show off?

He knows i'm looking to enroll in a medical school, so this dude has taken it upon himself to look for schools for me with good scholarship packages and other incentives. Under the pretense that he's looking for med. schools for me, he used style style to get my number from my aunt. Anyways, in all honesty this guy is tall, dark and handsome. He's half Britico, half Yankee. I like him as a friend and that's it. I guess there could've been something more, just that i didn't give him the the chance to yarn me sweet nothings, 'cos i've heard not so pleasant gist about him from my uncle. I dunno if it's true sha. He looks like a responsible dude, but what i heard already has me biased.

Anyway, i wonder why people u're feeling don't even realize it. There's this guy i'm seriously feeling. Not midnight gister o. I've not heard from him in a while, i hope he's ok sha. Mr. OF is the bobo i'm feeling. U know how it is when u're feeling someone and u don't want the person to know u're really feeling him, just in case he's not feeling u like that. I know, i know... How do i let him know i'm feeling him, i take that back. He shouldn't know, he should only suspect, right? Whenever he calls, and he says he'll call back, he never does. He'll be texting me on weekends. For goodness sake, u can just call since it's free anyways. I've played the voicemails he left me over and over again. I never get tired of listening to his voice on my phone. If only he knows that i'm feeling him like this. Funny thing, is that when we were growing up back in Lagos, we didn't talk that much. I thought he was much older then, only to realize that he's just 4 yrs older. I prayed about it constantly for a while, but i've stopped now 'cos i've other pressing issues to discuss with my father in heaven.

Yesterday, i felt so lonely in school. My friends, M and J are not around, one graduated the other is interning in the state capital. I need new study partners, for real. All 3 of us, used to study till late in school. Now, it's only me *sobs* I swear, i need to make new friends. You guys need to hear something funny. That was how i was sitting jejely last week (u know i'm always sitting pretty, i don't look for trouble), when my aunt from Nigeria called me. She said her friend had a vision concerning me and that from the vision, a whole me, Bijouxoxo shouldn't wear anything red 'cos my guardian angel doesn't like red and that i shouldn't interfere in other people's issues. Even if i'm asked to comment or if they're breaking their heads in my presence, i shouldn't interfere. What's up with all these people sef? Wetin consine my guardian angel with colors, no be to guide and guard me be hin duty? I'm gonna pray about it, 'cos i know my father isn't the author of confusion, so if there's any truth to it, it will be revealed to me also. Abi how u take see am?

My grandpa has been talking about going to that glorious place. Last week, he wanted to hold a family meeting about that. He's scaring me o. Haba! he's only just 78, abi which one be dis. He's very strong and healthy. He reads without his glasses, thank God he has no "lifestyle diseases" (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc.) , he once had a mild form of angina. So why that talk now? I love him so much, he's the best grandfather anyone could ask for. That's all that has been going on with me so far. Nothing new. Till i come armed and loaded with gist again, remain blessed and highly favored people.


DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmmm...Bijou that red thing is a very cele thing...was the person part of ccc???
i trust u sha

SapphireAster said...

All these things happened to you and you 'claim' to be dry? I need to hear more about the dude u actually like.I hate it whe boys starts blowing their own trmpets..what were u supposed to do about his jacket and entiRE outfit? Bow down n worship or what?
Eeiya sorry bout you teeth oh..I;m glad the puff puff has gone down now.
About the red thing..u see red is one of my fav colors and I dont know how I would feel if someone told me not to wear red..but you are right..take it God.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Yes o, my blinging lady. The person is Cele or Aladura. I don't even know the difference. My thing is that since all these years i've been wearing my red things, nothing happened so why do i have to stop now?

@ SA: I was spotting a Kanye West last week. Thank God the swelling went down. I'll keep u posted on Mr. OF, the dude i'm feeling later.

NaijaBloke said...

Hm... Kokoro Ewa last u dan start to dey confess small small.. Like midnite gister said "u have a ild side" LOL.Oya start to dey nack us tory abt Mr.OF and why r u scared to let him know u r feeling him?

Abt ur vision thing,on my path I dont believe in such sha.Like u said God is not aan author of confusion,what has red got to do with anything.Am not saying u shd not do whateva o,cos ppl's faith and beliefs r different and atimes chosen.

Take care dear and have a nice weekend too and hope kanye wont read ur blog sha.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Haba! NB. The thing is if he's not feeling me like that, i don't want to be derepped, shey u get? I like him a lot, and i think i've given him some green light, or maybe a shade of green. What annoys me is that if he says he'll call back, he doesn't call till about a month. He really does suck at keeping in touch. C'mon, we're all busy, so he can't claim to be busy all the time plus he has one kind of impression of QC chics. It always comes up in our convos, he just has to say something about QC gals.

I would appreciate tips from u, at least coming from a guy's perspective.

ABBEY said...

Bijoustic...long time no hear! lol...ur scared of being derepped, lol. I used to feel thesame way but then think about how many times guys get "derepped", I'm all for saying how u feel men, next thing you know u'll find out he has a new girlfriend then u'll start asking "what if?"

Dipo Tepede said...

Bijou! Bijou!! Bijou!!!

How many times did I call you?

Your gists are too random to know which one to comment on but the guy you have feelings for actually amuses me.

Since, I dont know the guys temperament it would be difficult to give a comment that may help you.

Let me give you a food for thought;

If this guy you have feelings for does not want to be "derepped" just the same way you do not want to be "derepped"

You gave the half britico, half yankee guy all the green light yet you had no feelings for him. He told you he loved you yet you felt betrayed.

Assuming this your MR "I am feeling for" knows people who have asked girls out and got the same response you gave. Do you think he would be willing to take such risk.

Anyway, God grants the desire of the heart.............

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Blogger is messed up. I just typed a long entry only for blogger to zap it. I am pissed.

Anyways, i refuse to let blogger spoil my joy today, so i'll re-post.

@Abbey: I didn't think of it that way, u know. About how many times guys get "derepped" yet they still keep on toasting babes.

@Dipo: Na 3 times u call me o, uncle Dipo and i dey answer each time, maybe u no hear me. Let me brief you about Mr. OF. We've been family friends for a while. They moved to the States about 7 years ago. Prior to that, their popsy would always come to visit at our house, to see how we're doing at least once every 2 weeks.

I found him again via hi5 or facebook, i forget which one now. Anyways, we've been talking since then, and the conversation's always on point. Very cool guy to talk to. We discuss random stuff like how's ur day going, how's school? He really does suck at keeping in touch. I call once in a while, (like i do with most of my friends) to see how he's doing. He calls, at least every month. I don't want to be pushy or anything u know.

I think i've given him some shade of green light to show i'm feeling him. Like one time he told me he was travelling, i texted him the next day to see how the trip went.

Calling all blogger guys, NB, Professor and all others. It's time to help a sista out

Miguel said...

Bijou .... na wa ooo shade of green, army green, olive green, green white green na wa for color ooo ... Here is what i think...

It's clear you don't like the fact it takes dude so long to return dear i don't know if it gets better or worse when you get into a relationship with such a person... i find it hard to call even babes i like so if the dude is anything like me, you'll have to ask yourself if that is something you can stand. Secondly about making your feelings known and getting "derepped" ... if after you've considered the first fact i have stated and you feel you can handle it, my advise won't be to straight out tell him but rather make yourself more available..if you are in the same state, try and create situations where you spend more time together... if you are in different states try and lure him into visiting you or you visiting him but i must warn you...spend some time around each other on a platonic level and really assess if this is something you want. (i realize you two talk but i have seen situations were people are cool over the phone but when they are around each other, na kata kata...and vice-versa)
Its almost like the apple in the garden of eden...once u've bitten it, you can't go back!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Remove from your mind that so called vision, as if God couldn't talk to you thats why he had to speak to the cele people. I reject that vision for you in Jesus Name Amen.

Concerning this bloke (you are feeling for), what can I say, if you sort of grew up with him are you sure he does not see you as a sister (to be exact a younger sister). Have you guys linked up since his migration to the US. In my opinion if you two are good friends (and maybe this is the reason why he calls once in a while to check in on you - knowing full well you won't get vexed if he doesn't call when he claims he will - seing as you are all wonderful and kind like that)then you sending him a text to make sure he arrived safely at his destination will not be viewed as a green light. Now I am not advocating a further attempt on your part, but it will be good if can hear what Miguel and Naijabloke has to say on the issue.

I guess because of "out of sight" he probably doesn't know how you feel about him and all the while he thinks you are such a wonderful great person ...dah wonderful great person who is kinda feeling him". Keep us posted on that front.

I also hope you find a reading partner soon.

NaijaBloke said...

Hmm.. Bijouxoxo ..On the issue abt feeling this bloke that might not even know Ms Kokoro Ewa is feeling him.I know it is hard for u guys to straight out tell a guy how u feel abt us.Like Abbey said u r only scared abt been derepped(which as a matter of fact,only a QC chic can say that...LOL),then u need a slap on the head.

Letting him know how u feel is not derepping anything,u guys might not even hit it off after u tell him,but it will at least give u a peace of mind that he knows how u feel and now it is up to him to make a move.

Talking abt Green light,xoxo not all guys r sharp in that aspect o,u might be waiving naija flag couple with some green leaves in front of some guys and they will still be seeing red and do u know how many guys r scared of talking to babes except if it just normal gist?and another thing is with the way u said the guy talks abt QC babes,hmmmm ... I have a feeling the guy might be intimidated by QC babes o...It happens o.It is called "COMPLEX" o moi dear.

The other thing is probably what "Life of a stranger" said abt the guy looking at u like a sister since u guys grow up 2gether.

Anyway xoxo I think u shd be talking to the chics on how to let a guy know that u r feeling him without compromising urself or derepping urself like u said.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Miguel: Abeg, leave me and my shades of green alone. Okay, maybe i can deal with the first one. But my thing is, don't say something u can't do. You should be able to stand by your words.

@TLOASCM: That's the point i was tryna get across to my aunt. My mum's like, so long as what u're told to do wouldn't hurt u, then just do it. I was even lectured on how each one of us have bee given different gifts. Some have the gift of prophesy, seeing visions etc. As per this dude, looks like he sees me as a younger sister sef. Who knows? I guess the so-called signals i've been giving can't be viewed as a green light. I'm not even going to do anything again; i'd just do my thing like a nice friend, u know. Are u now trying to say i'm not a great and wondeful person? I'll keep u posted.

@NB: Chei! "A slap on the head" But why? I thot we were cool like that. What do u mean only a QC can say that? We're plenty on blogger, don't let us gang up against you.

You think it's easy like that to let a dude know u like him. Okay should i go and say "Hayes (u know how those shameless boys call gals on the road) buroda, i like you, shey u know?" I know you guys are color blind. Abi u're one of dem guys scared of talking to babes?
I doubt if it's a complex thing, but i really dunno what it is. Maybe he's saying it jokinglysef, who knows?

I'll just let sleeping dogs lie. I'll let him know in a subtle way, and after that i'd lay low.

Lee said...

hey.. interesting blog.

about this guy you are feeling, hmm tell him..How old are you? you are old enough jare to handle it, as long as you know your worth. if he dereps you, shey yu know u are worth something, dust it off and move on.
I think you shud just tell him or open it up or use subliminal messages, so you know what part of the fence you are sitting on.

Another blog worth reading..:)

Anonymous said...

My own Kokoro, dont mind all these people o. If you like RED ehn, WEAR IT!!! I love beige, and i have got everything in that shade. Mean while about the guy that you are feeling,uhmn... i feel u i have been there. DOnt worry sweets, if he is yours he will start feeling you too.
Your grandpa will be fine. Mine called family meeting over 10 times before he finally rested at 95 years on the 27th of August.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

It is true that we all have different gifts, but if the Lord wants to tell you something, the vision He is giving to someone and the prophesy to another or the word of knowledge would be telling the same story. Remember Joseph and his dreams and Daniel, they had several dreams and vision but a story was being told. Our God is not an author of confusion and He will continue to confirm His word to you. So if the Lord did not tell you hhh. Remeber the Man of God who got mawned by a Lion, The Lord did not tell him to follow the prophet now.. I just believe the Lord has deposited enough in you to be able to speak to you whenever and He will use others to confirm what He is telling you.

NaijaBloke said...

Xoxo it is not easy for a guy as well to tell a chic how he feels too o,we just dont have a choice most of the time ni o and not all guys chop liver enuff as well.LOL

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Lee: Okay, i'd tell him using subliminal messages, style style. Only if he'd call soon enough, before my courage wanes. Of course, i know i'm worth a lot. He'd think twice, before saying NO.

@Temmy: My acquired big sis. on blogworld. Thanks jere. He had better start feeling me too, and fast. As per the red thing, i'd wear my red, mixed with some other colors, not all red. Thanx about my grandpa, he can call meeting from now till eternity, that doesn't mean he's going anywhere yet. I think he's just tryna make sure his house is in order.

@TLOASCM: So u're trying to say that everything should fall into place in the long run, or is it that it should all make some sense? My sentiments exactly, i think if there's any truth to it, i would get some form of confirmation.

@ NB: Is it not guys duty to do the toasting? Why wouldn't it be easy then. If a gal does the toasting, she's seen as a flirt and called all sort of terrible names. If u're in that category, u better start rapping your tunes to those ladies fast, before someone else takes ur place. LOL

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Yes xoxo, the word of the Lord says in the testimony of two (or word to that effect), also remeber the story of Gideon, basically what Im saying when God is trying to tell you something, He will confirm it time and time and time again, till you're like Oh I get it. Remember also what he says about prophesy, and also that we are looking at it through a tick glass (or words to that effect). Even sometimes when we get prophetic words we also have to hold unto it and wait till the Lord brings it to pass, cause even though you know the will of God, it might not happen the way you think it will (Judg 4 vs 1- 23) vs 9). All Im saying if you didn't hear from God, ask Him to speak again and He will. If He didn' speak the first time, its most likely not Him in the first place. Continue remaining blessed.

Anonymous said...

It depends because everything na context...since this guy is half british, half american (i'm assuming he's non-Nigerian). I don't think he is caught up in our stereotypes of "de-repping" oneself as a female initiating...Just pray for guidance, and things do always find a way of working themselves out.