Friday, December 15, 2006

Alvin Slaughter concert, NY here we come

I had a HALLELLUJAH good time last nite. The concert was beautiful and the best part of it, was that it was FREE. That man is talented, like they all aren't. He's very funny and i was laughing most of the time. The part of the concert that really had an impact on me, was when he shared his testimony. Before Alvin took the stand, the praise team (choir) of the church that organized the event, did a little som'n on stage. Fear will make u do things you don't want to do. The thing isn't that one should be fearless, but to ask God to "give you the grace to work thru ur fears." According to him, there was a time in his ministry where he was almost crippled by fear. He was out there being a popular minister, going around the world proclaiming the gospel of Christ thru songs while the devil was busy destroying his home. His son, Sean, was in gangs, doing drugs and just being a bad boy. Ministers and workers in the church need to be very careful to strike a balance between their personal lives and ministries. He said at a point his wife told him to start taking Sean on tours with him, that all he needed was to be in the presence of God to change. Of course, he refused thinking that how could he, a popular minister of God widely respected by all, be seen with a boy that didn't fit into the stereotypical mould of what a"proper" boy from a christian home should be. That was fear taking over again. His relentless wife, wouldn't take NO for an answer. I tell you, the role of a woman in the life of her husband and kids, shouldn't be played down at all. Women wield so much power and that power can be used for good or evil. Finally, he gave in and started taking his boy with him. Initially, there was no change, he seemed to get worse. Sean rededicated his life to God, and since then there has been no turning back. I pray that every woman reading this, God will mould to be a mighty woman of valor that'll use her power for good in the lives of those she encounters. Every man reading this, would be blessed to have such women in their lives. ===========================================

On another note, i'm job searching. I need a research assistant position in a college, preferrably one that also has a medical school for May '07, when i graduate. This vacation time, i'm going to start checking out school websites. I know that some don't pay that much (compared to working for a copany), but i need the experience. I need help y'all , Life of a stranger, Abbey, i'm going to be bugging you, hope u won't get tired of hearing my beautiful voice. Finals are over and i'm so happy. Can't wait for the 29th when my high school buddies and i get together in NY. Engineer Ayo, i'm calling you tonite 'cos u need to show us the cool spots in ur city. By the way, are there any other New Yorkers in the house? 4 of my gals from far away are coming and we're still counting o, so don't bail out on us this time. Omodudu, how far with u nau? Holla at a sista let's know what's up. I'm scared to rely on both of u this time. Anyways, later my people. BTW, i found out som'n cool, the conference i'd be presenting my research findings at takes place the same weekend NSBE conference does, in a city very close to NSBE's spot. Maybe my sister and friends can come to give me moral support *hehehe*. I hope we'll have a chance to hang out after the conference. Okay, i need to get back to my job search. Have a blessed weekend folks.

P.S: Hearing this song has a way of always reducing me to tears, "The Christmas Shoes" by Billy Goodwin. Listen to the words and think of it, and i'm sure it's gonna strike a chord within u. This Christmas season, think of others that aren't as fortunate as you and do som'n to make it memorable for 'em.


Mari said...

Thats an amazing story there and a very good msg to everyone. I went for a Christmas concert in church and the lady who performed talked about a similar situation. Glad his son, Sean is doing better now.

Good luck with the job search and the presentation. Enjoy ure weekend, dear.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

no problem - send me mails and I will keep an ear out for you. Have a restful week and come back next week rejuvinated. And I'm sure you'll soon find a suitable post. Have a blessed weekend.

Biodun said...

Glad u had fun @ d concert. That was a great testimony, yeah we women do have the power to mould n make our man a better person. Love this post!