Monday, December 18, 2006

E GBA MI KE!!! (Please rescue me o!!!)

My people, i didn't intend to blog this soon, but i just had to let this out o. It's this professor that's looking for my trouble and my daddy's trouble o. Got back from church yesterday and checked my email. Only for me to see that Professor-doesn't-even-have-a-Ph.D-yet emailed me. Here's the email:

Dear Cherub a.k.a. Bijouxoxo,

Here's a breakdown of ur final grade:
Attendance- A
Participation- B
Final exam- A (94%)
Final Grade- B

I was livid. How can i have a "B" in Political science, a gen ed (general education elective). The guy said attendance and class participation make up 20 % of our final grade, so why should i have a B as my final grade? I participated in class discussions and all, and the only time i didn't talk was when they got into American politics, the midterm elections and all. For crying out loud, i'm not even eligible to vote in this country so what's my beeswax following the election? Talking about Cold war, World Wars and all, i pitch in my 2 cents so what does he mean by a B for class participation.

At the beginning of the semester, i told my father that i wanted a 4.0 GPA. So far, everything has been on course, but this class. The guy's teaching i find kinda boring plus i can't fault him too much, he's a Ph. D candidate and this is his first time teaching at my school. I sent him a mail, telling him to please give me a breakdown of my grades and all. Still awaiting his reply as of press time (lol). I already reported him to my daddy. God has already put a period (full stop) on my grades this semester and if he thinks he can put a question mark on what God has already signed and sealed, then he must be a joker 'cos this won't go down amicably if he doesn't give me my well deserved A. I've taken the matter to Baba God's court and he'd fight for me and contend with those who contend with me.

Remember what happened to Zacharias in the bible, when angel Gabriel told him his wife, Elisabeth, would conceive and give birth to John? God had placed a period on that already, he was done with that. But Zacharias was still trying to figure how that would be possible seeing that he was old. God then told him he would be dumb until everything had been manifested. I'm not trying to say anything evil or bad would happen to this prof, but i know my God is still on his throne. Like i say all the time, God always comes through for his children. People, please pray along with me that this man has a change of heart and gives me an A 'cos i really don't want to cause trouble. But if i have to, i'd take the matter to the HOD, Dean, even the President of my college sef.


Belle said...

The A is yours in Jesus Name!

PS. if you're blogging as Cherub (formerly Bijou)... why not just change your name back to Bijou??? Infact, i think you should revert back to Bijou!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

AMEN. Been thinking about going back to Bijouxoxo, but i don't want to confuse people further. That's why it isn't good to make any decisions when u're hot-headed.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

That A was already yours, the devil was trying to rattle you. He is the he-goat that will soon be disgraced not you, after God finishes with him. It is well.

teva said...

You gave me headCHE!! i come dey find your blog everywhere!! What was that???I vex o!!!