Friday, January 26, 2007

Guess who's "roasting" again?

Hello folks, how're y'all doing? Nothing much has been happening in my zones, just chillin' with school as usual. TERC is starting off Feb. 1st. by God's grace. For now, it'll just be those within the EST zone. Hopefully, we'll work som'n out for those in other time zones. I don't consider this a "huge responsibility" 'cos this is just a gathering of people calling upon the name of the Lord in prayer early in the morning. Truth be told, sometimes i dash out of the house, without remembering to pray "properly." First thing i do, when i wake up most times is to say "thank you dear Lord for waking me up to another beautiful day. May your will be done in my life today." Of course, this takes me less than a minute to say. I figured that kind of "drive-thru" prayer isn't the best way to start the day.

Anyways as we all know, Vals day is almost here and guess who may be roasting again? BIJOUXOXO. As in Why-O-Why do i roast every Vals day? Well, there was the day Princi (High school Principal) val-ed us with Dairy Milk chocolate. So technically, i've been val-ed before. Oh, there was the day my wannabe BF val-ed me by giving me a lovey-dovey card personalized with sweet nothings, and 2 beautiful notebooks (lol). What a way to val a gal?

Okay, i confess that yours truly may buy a teddy bear, chocolate, bath 'n body works paraphernalia, Victoria's secret gift card, order flowers (22 red roses) and mail 'em to myself. I swear! Even sef to take it to another level, my fellow roastos and i may wine and dine ourselves before going home that nite, oh yes i may even wear that lil' black dress i got from Express on Sunday and jazz it up with some red accessories. Oh! Scratch that wining and dining myself part, that day all those lovers will be out on dates and busy doing PDA (public display of affection) all over the place. I don't wanna see that jo (i know i sound like a hater, but NO i'm not squashing the beef *lol*).

You may be thinking, "what's the fuss about Vals day, it's just another day?" You need to understand me to know what the fuss is all about. While still living under my parents roof, my dad or mom would val my sister and i. Attending an all- girls' high school didn't help matters at all. Just try to picture what happens when u pack a bunch of teenage gals together, boy-talk must follow. Vals day was always a big thing at my school. For the "roastos," we made sure we had a friend who we were certain would be val-ed, at least we get to share the special Vals day chocolate and we get to hoo, haa and awww over the sweet nothings in the card.

Now that i'm older, with mom and dad too far away to val me and no bf to val me, i have to val myself of course. Vals day cannot just go like that, without me doing som'n to make it memorable for myself. Vals day isn't just any other day, but a special day at least in my opinion. To all my fellow roastos, i say do som'n special. Have fun in ur own lil' way, bf or not.
To those who are a 100% certain, well maybe i should say 98.9% certain that they'll not roast, i say enjoy it and make vals day an everyday affair (minus the spending part) in ur r/ship. Try to love your honeybunny unconditionally, remember nobody's perfect. Also *winking* do not forget ur dear Bijouxoxo when u're enjoying o, mail some chocolate my way.


Am i the only one that has noticed Dimples? This lady doesn't have a blog, but has 893 views already (last time i checked). Abeg Madam Dimples, please start blogging nau. Even if u'd just indulge us with only one post, please do. She comments on almost every blog entry, yet she has no blog. I've seen her pix before and i know people that know her (lol, i'm beginning to sound like a groupie). Please anybody that knows dimples o, tell her to put up just one blog entry, or maybe she should even do a MEME tagging thingy. Okay, i tag madam dimples.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Bijoux god to see that you are doing something other than education related work. Im sure Ill have some on that val day. Or as usual probably wont notice until the day is over. Good on you for organising the TERC time, and seing as Ive having problems staying asleep through the night, I might as well keep myself busy with this. Im so looking forward to it.

Hope you have a great weekend.

temmy tayo said...

I will be your VAL. I am sure going to be Val-less as well.

Dimples needs to be tagged!

Jaycee said...

LOLLLLLLL.......don't worry girl...I think the going out to dinner with your girls will be a lovely thing to do. What do u think?

Its funny what u said abt Dimples, cos co-incidentally before I got here...I was saying the same exact thing...and just knowing she calls herself "dimples" just makes me feel like clicking on her page...and then u notice u're only dreaming...she doesn't really blog...lolll...then u wake up...

Anonymous said...

just when you least expect it, you get it.
you just might get surprised...

disgodkidd said...

did u forget? you've got the greatest BF any woman could dream for...he didn't just write you a 39-book love letter, he followed it up with another 27-book, then he figured it still wasn't enough, so he did the craziest thing anyone in love could do...he died for that wouldn't make sense if a normal boyfie did that cos you would be heart-broken; but this big DUDE didn't thinking dying for you was good enough, he RESURRECTED for you...something tells me he's cooking up a BIGGIE for you this Valentine...shhhh, pretend like i didn't tell you!...loving your blog and your faith

londonnaijachic said...

Hmmm! Joining the val-less club too.Just have fun and Enjoy the day and ur weekend too.

Blessed Child said...

Spot on disgodkidd!!I needed to read that too o jare considering I'm in the val-less club as londonnaijachic put it.I would probably go see a movie later that day but before then,I'll enjoy the love of The One who made me.

Bijoux,good on ya for the TERC.Sad we can't be a part of it this side of the atlantic.God bless you!!

Teva said...

Aww, Bijoux, i was just saying the exact same thing. No hating intended but a girl needs to feel spoilt on that day, so do whatever makes you and my girlpals are going to have a home-cooked meal with roses and chocolates.

Daddy's Girl said...

Ok, can't believe you got val-ed by Princie - na wa o. You must've been a very very good girl.

My birthday comes up the Saturday after Vals Day, so I am going to celebrate both days together - alone. I'm going to take myself out, see a good movie, buy myself something nice, and generally have a fab day. Of course, would be nice to have someone do all that for me, and someday it'll happen. But for now, I'm going to do it all for myself - and have a blast!

Great comment by disgodkidd up there, by the way.

ceecy29 said...

lol...daddy's girl, it wasn't only cherub that got valed by princi oh! The whole school prize for us roastos.

But seriously tho! Enjoy the day as best as you yourself love if nobody else is there to do it.

I'm just picturing a senior school corridor on val's!

Calabar Gal said...

I guess dimples prefers to be part of the readers club and not the bloggers club.

May you not roast this Valentine's Day abeg!!!

Dimples said...

Lol!!!..Calabar gal took the words right of my mouth..hehe

I just love relaxing and reading all ya'll blogs..I learn from you ALL each and everyday..I really appreciate u all..MWAH!!!

Please don't tag me oh!!!.."I wouldn't even know what to say!!

Gosh i didn't even know I had that many hits...thanks for the shout Cherub.

Nilla said...

Nice comment by Disgodkidd.

I also concur with Calabar girl - May you not roast on Val's day.

BTW, happy vals day in advance.
For some reason I'm not thinking about it.

Vera Ezimora said...

Cherub, of course you know I feel no mercy 4 u. Roast o! After all the small small insults u have been leaving on my blog ehn. You should roast well well sef

ChiefO said...

insect-inside come and val me now. i'm available to be ur valantinino, candle-lit university of suya dinner with garri ijebu to match.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@All: Thanks jere, my people. My NY guy Kesto called me up shortly after i put up that post and asked if i'd like to be his Val? I'm like sure as long as i don't have to buy u anything in return (lol).

@disgodkidd: Awww i needed to hear that gal. I'm patiently waiting for what he's cooking up for me this Vals day. Thanks for that comment, it definitely did cheer me up.

@LNC: You, ehn, did u not get red roses even before Vals day already? So u're banished from the roastos club jo.

@blessed child: Depending on how successful this turns out, and the # of willing participants, we can do som'n on ur side.

@Teva: Me, i'm hating if u're not (lol), but whichever way, i'm definitely gonna have fun with my girlies.

@Daddy's girl: Is daddy not val-ing you? Anyways, happy b'day in advance and have fun both days jare, bf or no bf. We all got val-ed by princi o, but i sure was a good kid in school.

@ceecy29: Thanks for pointing it out o. Abi o, i can pix it too.