Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Norrin mush is going on

Fellow blogheads, werrin dey? How are things going? I know it's been over a month since i last updated, but that na tori for another day. Marra (matter) of fact, lemme say, it's kuku plain and simple, i just haven't had the urge to blog. Abi now, you cannot kuku arrest me, it's my blog and i can do whatever i like.

So what's been happening. Let's see. God has been good o. You know in my last entry, i was praying for my brother to get an internship. That was how last week someone from Oga Bill Gates shop called him and offered him a summer position. Like joke like joke, i was thinking ha! This our God is faithful o. So check this out we (my siblings and i) are going to be all over the place. Even LV too is leaving in 2 weeks for his internship. By the way, i was thinking of taking the entire month of July as a vacation, not doing anything, just chilling. But i know myself, i'll get bored outta my mind in no time especially with everyone gone. But i need to de-stress before i start grad school in August, 'cos from then on it's going to be school, research, school, research and more!

Is it just me, or am i noticing scarcity in weddings this summer? Looks like the recession is hitting people or maybe it's just that they are trying to keep things private (i.e. no wedding webbie). Oh wells, lemme mind my business. The price of gas nko? Ridiculous! It's hitting $4 already like play sha.

So the after school program with those kids in the elementary school's going great, but i need to be careful hugging 'em. Last week i was seriously down with a cold. Coughing, sneezing and all. Those "germy" kids, na every second they'll be coming for hugs. If if u don't hug now they'll be thinking u're mean, but omo bone o, i don't care at this point. I need some adventure in my life jere.

What did i see and i didn't tell u peoples. That was how they towed my car last month o. Only for me to see another parking ticket on my car on Monday. These Downtown Baltimore people are looking for my trouble o. Ahn ahn, na only me dey here ni? I was blessed to be given a handicap placard by LV's mum, and once i park and put it on the car, i don't need to put money in the meter for 4 hrs or i can change the parking location and then i'll be eligible for parking for another 4 hrs. So i have been parking for free in downtown since last year. (Shh!!! Don't tell anyone). That was how i forgot to read the sign that i had to move my car at 4pm. I got to where i parked the car and Voila! No car. I was dumbfounded! Then the mind games began, maybe i didn't park here, lemme go and check my normal parking spots, i'm sure the car is there. Na lie! I sha went round and round all the spots i normally park, then the geek in me decided to check the sign post and that was when i saw it.

Long story short, i had to shell out almost $250. Kai! The things that money could've done in my life. It is well. On Monday, i parked o, didn't move my car 'cos it was raining heavily, that was how i saw another ticket. But why??? How in heaven's name does the yeye traffic police expect a "handicap" person to move their car or to even walk in the rain? But we both know i cannot contest that ticket, 'cos i am not disabled in any way, shape or form. I pray that till i leave this job in June, no more tickets or towing o- Amen. Someone was saying that's the price i pay for parking for free in downtown, that's it's payback time.

I am always careful when putting the handicap tag after parking, 'cos i don't want some nosy people coming to ask questions, but it's nobody's business sef. There are different kinds of disabilities, abi? Anyway, till i come your way again, remain blessed. Did i tell you guys i am actually excited to be starting school soon? YAY!!!


aloted said...

berra be careful with that handicap tag o..who knows..maybe God is making u pay for all those free parking u've been

u r not handicap abi? make God no vex for u o. :)

Anonymous said...

ah!!!u are using handicap tag!!LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

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The Life of a Stranger called me said...

who is anonymous..

I go away for nearly a month and come back to this comment.. hmm

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

anyways babes, sorry to hear all the parking wahala, soon it will be a thing of past, Yay you are going back to school.. I too am excited for you. And in you favourite place..good good. So, how have you been? I am back to good old Italy. But I am happy to confirm not for too long anymore. Plans in place.. yipee..