Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sing dat song sista gurl

My people, can you imagine it is the last day in September??? Where did this year fly off to, i remember when it was January1. Thank God for his many mercies sha. Anyway, i have boku gist for una. As in, where do i even start from? Okay, first things first i got paid 2 months worth of my stipend, i haven't been paid since i started school in August, so you can imagine i was seriously managing the funds i had. The annoying thing is that more than half of the money is gone, because i have paid all my bills and cleared all my debts, hmm i lied i "think" i still owe my brother $300 (lol). It's so annoying how money just vamooses sha in this country. What the heck is even happening these days to the U.S. financial system??? Wall street saw it coming though, but that's not the koko (crux) of my gist. That's story for another day.

I have been bad o, my people. Let me confess to you people. I had my 1st, 2nd shot of margarita recently. Okay, this was how it started, i was hanging out with my friends, and just chilling and gisting over a plate of hot and spicy wings, that's how my friend ordered a kiddie size cup of margarita on the rocks, so na so i carry my big head, and i told her that i wanted to taste it, so long story short sha, she ended up pouring half of it into my cup. Yeye person like me, i said shebi it's kuku like mango juice, plus it has ice cubes in, so i thought it wasn't that concentrated. I gulped it down. No wahala, i felt alright. I wasn't driving anyways so i could indulge.

Fast forward to yesterday, myself and 2 course mates went to the same restaurant/bar, na so i dey feel like big girl, i ordered a kiddie size margarita on the rocks again, this time around, i drank it all up no sharing with anyone. 5 mins after i was seeing stars, i could barely keep my eyes open, i started being talkative, u know. I wasn't drunk o (maybe a lil' bit crunk LOL) but i was seeing double. I mean it was the smallest size, that i ordered o. In fact alcohol is so NOT for me. I don't know how people do it, but if the "kiddie" size of mango flavored margarita could make me tipsy then i am so not going there again. NO alchie for me, lai lai. Walahi talahi if i had taken one more extra sip, i would have been gone, as in gone (lol). Anyways, that's the story of my life.

So i joined the choir at church, yes o! We have to sing to his glory you know. I am loving every minute of it. As in, i used to slack before that i can't sing bla bla bla, but it's all about singing to his glory. By the way, what is in me that people like me like this, ehn? Abeg if u know me like that, tell me o. I have 3 girl friends here already as in real "paddies" buddy-buddy type of friends that i feel like i have known them my entire life. What else is there to gist y'all about. School is getting to me small small o. I have deadlines, papers to write and so on. I cannot wait for this APHA conference coming up, Cali here i come! I need me some sunshine (lol). I'll be there for a week, also attending SOPHE. I may also attend the ASA conference in Chicago, just that the department isn't giving me travel money, just hotel, for the Chicago trip, so i'll have to cough out about $200 for my ticket. I dunno jere if i want to take out of my meager student stipend, but it'll be so much fuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!

So my advisor (TBB) wants me to have a draft of a publishable literature review paper by Feb. '09. I need to get to work. As in, seriously. God help me. Ah well! My 1st grad school exam is on the 21st so my face will be scarce eyin folks and for some weird reason all my deadlines for school work happen to fall in October. Oh bummer!!! Vacation time is over for me. TERC is still on, so y'all are invited to call in Fridays at 5am EST. The dial in # is 269-320-8200 and the PIN is 210524#. We have a wonderful time in God's presence. If you want to know what TERC is all about, just leave a comment. It started with a group of bloggers getting together via teleconference to fellowship together and share in God's word. We've become like family now, so i am inviting you to come and be a part of the family. Have a blessed weekend people and remain blessed and highly favored!


aloted said...

lol..alcohol is so not me as well..
me too i went to do aproko and drank cocktail at a colleague's leave do. i started singing and dancing..lol

Oh God help me o..lol

all the best with school dear.


lol @ your kiddie margarita!

You poor thing!


Was just wondering how you were so came by to check in. Hope all is well with you and yours. Stay well.