Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank God for life

My people, how una dey? I thank God for the gift of life and most importantly good health. I have been down with a nasty cold for almost a week now. Thank God i am alive and well. So what has yours truly been up to? Chilling and working. I move to my new apt in less than 2 weeks, and i haven't even started packing (not like i have a whole lot to pack anyway). Besides my bed, futon, a sofa, TV, TV stand, computer desk, microwave, toaster, small fridge, books, clothes, i am done. Voila! Anyway, so i have been on a 1 week self imposed bed rest, 'cos that cold really had me on lockdown o, if not for God on my side.

On another note jare, i have been travelling to Baltimore like every weekend since summer began. It's not as if Bmore is next door to me like that o, it's at least 3 hours (~170 miles) away from me. So now i am sitting my behind in my village till school starts. I attended praise nite on Friday at Jesus House Baltimore, it was an awesome experience. I have missed undiluted praise & worship like that so much. The worship led by Pastor Paul Irabor and his New Breed International church choir was off the hook, dynamic. It was really an hallelujah good time being in the presence of God. I enjoyed every moment.

My paper's coming along fine, and my Oga has made some revisions to it, so i will proceed. Hopefully, by God's grace i can have it all written and done by the end of summer. Summer break is almost over, not like i really had a break sha. Anyway, it's all good. Take care people. Remain blessed.


Favoured Girl said...

Hey dear! I haven't been to your blog in a while. Glad to hear that you have recovered from the cold and you are feeling great! All the best with your move, hope you settled down fine! stay blessed :)

Sir Scribbles II said...

LOL! hare u sure u want to know the meanin gof 69