Sunday, June 25, 2006

Friendship by force

This past week, i've been doing the same old thing. My schedule was wake up in the morning, check my mail, do some house chores, and then i'm off to the library till they close at 9. Well, except on Wednesdays when i attend bible study at 5. I'm so glad that i'm getting a lot more work done. I'm off to Cleveland, OH on Friday to see my very good friend and to attend a wedding. I'm kinda excited 'cos i've not seen him in almost 5 yrs now. We're just platonic friends o, nothing more, nothing less. It should be fun sha, the downside is the bus ride i'll have to endure for some hours, but i should be fine with my books nonetheless. More gist from the trip next week.

Yesterday was one borrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggg day for me. My cousins had ballet and piano recitals, so i decided to be a good big sister and carried my legs to go see the recitals. It was good, but me i just don't send when it comes to stuff like that. At the end of the night my head was spinning from Beethoven to Mozart to Bach's classical pieces. C'mon in this day and age what normal individual gbaduns (enjoys) those yeye things? Abeg, gimme some makossa or Lagbaja and i'll show u how it's done. Na so so smile i paste for my face so it wouldn't look like i'm not enjoying the thing. My jaws, are hurting badly, ko easy oh (it's not easy). To make matters worse, even some adults were doing the ballet thing. Are they that jobless??? Of course, na Oyinbo people full there, people like "us" don't gbadun (enjoy) such, or am i trying to justify my razzness/ bushness? Reminds me of the time when i was in Primary school and my feferiti (wassup) aunt said we should learn ballet. She was even going to pay for it, there was NO way on earth my mumsy would've paid for such, my mum as per teacher was all about the books. After attending the thing a couple of times, i realized my body wasn't feeling the thing jo, so i just told her not to pay again 'cos as far as i was concerned she was wasting her money. C'mon of what use is ballet to me?

I even saw Mrs. Smith from my oyinbo church wearing this funny looking ballet outfit, now what's that all about? At 1st when i saw her i thot, my glasses were acting up or sumtin', until she said hello. This woman is trying to be my aunt's friend by force so any opportunity she gets, she starts yarning me some boring things, like i'm interested in her rantings. She's a house-wife (HW), so i don't blame her for taking ballet lessons, she's gotta do what it takes to let off steam. She shows up unannounced at my aunt's, she calls the house countless times. Haba! na by force to be your friend ni or which one is friendship t'ori t'orun (by force). She went like this, "I've missed u a lot, and i've been thinking about you all week, i figured u must've been very busy ..." talking non stop. One would think she doesn't have kids to shower attention on. She once told my aunt that she was sinning by being a working mother. Her reference to this was Titus 2 especially verses 2-5. Reminds me of my sister's wannabe friend, always bugging her. The girl would come to her house and spend 3-4 hours everyday and they're both students. My sis. would even start studying while she's there at least she should be able to read inbetween the lines to know she has overstayed her welcome, but she go siddon there as if they don glue her yansh with superglue. Calling 3 times or more everyday to check up on her, saying she missed her and mushy mushy stuff like that. She's not a lele o, but the love wants to choke my sister. Even me wey get sister, i let the poor gal breathe, i don't call her like that everyday. I'll study that Titus passage well wellu then blog about it another day. I think people interprete the bible literally, which shouldn't be the case. More on that for another day.

In church today, as we (my aunt and i) stepped into the sanctuary, Mrs. Williams met us and she was beaming with excitement. The conversation went on this way, "Hi, i've been meaning to ask ur permission to witness to ur daughter X." She said she'd like to accept Christ into her life yadi yada." I just burst out laughing. She was stunned! C'mon a 5 year old gal. What does she know? She knows about Jesus, and how God created the earth and all in it, she knows about the devil too, that's just about it. Even if she prays the sinners/salvation prayer, and accepts Christ, will a 5 yr old truly walk the walk? Does she even know the meaning of what she's saying? You should've seen how flushed she looked when i voiced out my sentiments. I'm sure she must've brainwashed the poor gal to saying she wants to accept Christ. These women are obviously on fire for God, but i think they take everything the pastor SAYS is in the good book hook, line and sinker without researching and studying it for themselves to make sure they really understand.

If the pastor preaches on a topic, most times, i go back to do my own personal bible study on it during my quiet time. Pastors are human too and some people have idolized their pastor. That's how people get brainwashed easily. Do you guys remember James Warren Jones a.k.a. Jim Jones' story. Mehn! that's some deep stuff. Here's the link or just google the name Shows that people will do anything for what they really believe in. We need to watch and pray, 'cos things are happening. I remember going to the altar about 3 or 4 times at age 10 whenever the altar call (for those wanting to accept Christ) was made, without really knowing why i was doing it. I just felt that was the right thing to do then, talk less of a 5 yr old. The reason they gave for witnessing to kids is that so when they're older they remember they've heard those words before, and that would prompt them to truly abide by them. Abegi, that one na tori for tortoise jare.
Till i keep u informed of the latest happenings in my life, remain blessed under the Lord's guidance and protection people.

P.S: Sekrus, my boi, if u're reading this Happy b'day in arrears. I pray that the Lord will perfect all that concerns you now and always--Amen.

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sinning by being a working mother abi??? LOL.....