Thursday, June 08, 2006

Slow day.

I really dunno what to write about today. Today has been so slow. Anyways, for those of you (assuming someone actually reads this blog, oh well...) that don't know about this website,, i'll urge you to check it out. A great site for today's youth. It's so difficult trying to figure out what's right from wrong in this decadent world we live. I've literally begged my sister to view this site, but yeye girl like herself, she's always screaming that she doesn't have the time, so i'm now the alainisese (jobless one *hiss*). I'd feel so selfish not sharing this site with others and I promise that what u read on there will tremendously be a blessing to you. Remember, knowledge isn't just power; the real power comes in the application of the knowledge gained. Before you guys start thinking that i've been paid some money as a PRO, public relations officer, (abi it's a sin to share the joy ni?) i'll cut it at this, just click on the link above and check it out. Lemme know if all my yarns (talk) paid off. Remain blessed people.

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