Tuesday, August 01, 2006

YAY! Sapphire Aster has a blog

I really dunno what to write today. I've been extremely dry since last week. Anyways, i'd just ramble on and on, and maybe, just maybe my gist bulb would light up. My gal, Sapphire Aster, started her blog, so y'all should show her some love on her page. Here's the link http://sapphireaster.blogspot.com/. This gal, has been a good friend for quite sometime now, but she suffers from last born syndrome (apologies to all the last borns out there). She sucks, and i mean SUCKS at keeping in touch, but she's better now. Before, 'twas really bad. I'm good at persuasion o. Infact, i've got skillzzz. I coaxed her into joining hi5, now she's on blogger. What can I say? I'm just too good.

Wonders shall never cease on blogger o. Can u imagine? A certain somborri is tryna matchmake some other somborris (somebody). I wouldn't lie, i actually did the matchmaking in my brain, so in a way, this dude voiced out my thots. Funny thing, is that these two somborris they're tryna matchmake met randomly sometime. Well, no more "gbeboruns" a.k.a. amebo for me, that was my New month resolution, and it's just the 1st day of the month, and i'm already breaking it.

Another amebo tip, do you guys know that someone has a blog in Yoruba? That's too mad o. Even though i had a B in SSCE, my Yoruba isn't that great. I can speak it very well, but i'm very slow when reading. Here's the link http://omoobokun.blogspot.com/. Anyways, i'll have more updates later, no more gbeboruns, so help me God. Happy new month people. It's crazy how the year is going by so fast. Wasn't it just yesterday we were counting down into the new Year?

P.S: On Saturday, after getting my hair done, my girl, Jan and i were looking for a hang out spot. We decided to try out this new ice-cream shop, which was closed by the time we got there. Anyways, as we were about to leave, 2 white teenagers were driving by and next thing we heard was, "What's up nigga?" I'm not really sure if that was what they said or "f%&k you nigga." I really want to believe 'twas the former. The other white folks around were apologising to us. I was stunned! This was my 1st time of being called that.


SapphireAster said...

Chineke God of Africa! dang everyone knows I suck now. Thanks for the broadcast!Thanks for putting up with me though. Did you contact our MET friend this weekend? Shouldnt u be at work, or shadowing Dr. Emelike?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

so this somborri....can you give us a clue? they're tryna matchmake off blogger i assume...continue gbeboruning....lol

Onada said...

that yoruba blog has me stumped!! like damn.....ami oke, ami isale lol..i cant even ready that stuff

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Madam Diamond, i've turned a new leaf. I said no more gbeborun for me. Didn't u hear that's my new month resolution? You now want me to break it on the 2nd day of the month.

About the matchmaking stuff, it's just a joke jare, can't u see that i'm becoming dry so i need to spice up my page a little bit.

Anonymous said...

ehn?! Who's trying to matchmake? who is the culprit? lol..its not even like that ooo..!

Maaaan...that blog in yoruba was difficult... i couldnt do it!

So where is the update on the midnight gister? you know i want to live vicariously through you...so spill the gist!

the flying monkeys said...

oga, i like your blog

Uzo said...

A blog all in yoruba? Amazing but way out my league. Nice blog though. Pity about the racist comment though.