Sunday, October 29, 2006

HIP HOP and Nigerian aviation system

WARNING: I'm expressing my views on here about the movie i recently watched. The guy that wrote the movie, said God revealed the things in the movie to him. If u think it's not true, that's between him and God. I won't condemn him, let God be the judge of that. PLEASE, DON'T READ/ COMMENT IF U HAVE NOTHING MEANINGFUL TO SAY BUT TO INSULT OTHERS. Of course, i don't agree with everything he said in the movie, but for the most part i think he's right on point.

Before y'all crucify me, i just couldn't think of an appropriate title for this post. Just heard that there was another plane crash in Nigeria. Plane was flying to Sokoto from Abuja. Last week, marked a year that the Bellview plane crashed. This is the third crash in Nigeria in 12 months. I don't know what to say, all i know is that we (Nigerians and friends of Nigeria) need to start praying for our dear country, 'cos something's really not right somewhere. We need to cry out to God and rely on him fully. The Sultan (king) of Sokoto, Alhaji Maccido and his son were among those that died. May the soul of the departed rest in peace with the Lord- Amen.

Yesterday, the youth group at church watched this powerful movie titled, "The truth behind hiphop" by Craig Lewis, an African American (pastor). Everyone needs to watch that movie. 'Twas powerful. Anyways, i'd try to summarize what i got from the movie. According to Craig, God revealed these things to him. First of, he analyzed some of the lyrics of popular hiphop songs, and believe me nothing on there glorifies God. Then he further explained how the devil is tryna use improved (not new) ways to win souls to his kingdom thru music. Remember Satan was called Lucifer (meaning sun of the morning, i think?) when he was still an angel of God, and his only duty was to make music, that's the only thing he was equipped for to the extent that pipes were built into his body. Anyways, when he was cast out from heaven only his name changed to Satan, but he still had the ability to make music. Satan is anti-Christ and he does everything to compete with God, but he's obviously a counterfeit!

So Satan's strategy is to get the unsuspecting thru music. Music is a faster medium for one to learn. As a child, reciting ur ABC's wasn't easy to remember until u sang the song Aye-Be-Cee-Dee-Eee-Ef-Gee... The thing with music is that subconciously, u're soaking up most of the things being said. Why do u think advertising folks spend millions of dollars on jingles? Next time u attempt to listen to that song, pay attention to the lyrics and if it doesn't glorify God, please i beg u, drop it. Don't listen to it! Guard ur heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Garbage in, garbage out. Be careful what u feed ur eyes, ears and every body part.

Even before watching this movie, i always cautioned my cousins about some of the music videos they see on TV. What most of them talk about is sex, murder, money and before u know what's up, youngsters want to dress like those in the music video, they want to shake their hips like them. U can't put garbage in and expect God to dwell within u, just doesn't work like that. God is pure. He's spirit and those who worship him must do so in spirit and truth. Anyways, back to another week. Hope everyone has a blessed week. Till i come ur way again loaded with gist (hopefully) remain blessed folks.


Miguel said...

Nice!!! Light and Darkness do not mix...Great post Bijou...wish you delved in further.

Dipo Tepede said...

Hi Bijou,

Music comes from the word muse which simply means to ponder, think through, etc. It is a very powerful tool, very very powerful indeed especially when used to memorise things

but I do not agree with some of your points on this write-up.

" Why do u think advertising folks spend millions of dollars on jingles? Next time u attempt to listen to that song, pay attention to the lyrics and if it doesn't glorify God, please i beg u, drop it."

There are so many songs that dont glorify God but I enjoy singing them for example Nigerian National Anthem. There are so many song that mention the name of God but does not glorify God. In order to buttress a point, we make a generalisation and thus place people in a box- Do not sing this and do not sing that.

The issue with Christian circle is that we major on the minor instead of majoring on the major issue.

I wonder if Jesus in His time was bothered about the music that was sang by the Romans though it was mearnt to entice men and are filled with absurd lyrics. Jesus concern was about the kingdom. How we can understand the kingdom, the purpose of the kingdome and how to reconcile men to God not how to prevent us from adopting the music of the unbelievers.

Satan is not a problem, our mindset is the problem. Satan churning out lyrics is not the problem but we discovering our purpose and living by them is by far of more importance than preventing satan from entering your life.

Jesus was never angry at Satan; he simply tells satan to leave and he runs away. The major problem of Jesus were the Pharisees, Saducees and Scribes, who believe in the same God but have a totally different mindset.

This is what we should be bothered about. "How is our mindset hindering God from manifesting maximally in our lives?"

Dipo Tepede said...

@ Miguel,

You said light and darkness do not mix.

But how does light shine without darkness. There will be no light if there is no darkness. If light does not mix with darkness, then it would not be called light.

Immagine light mixing with light, I wonder where the light will come from.

We are called to mix with the unbelievers in order to influence them to be believers. If the unbelievers are influencing you, then you do not have a higher power.

We should be happy to mix with them to show them a better way of life.

If we are always scared of them influencing us, then we should take a step back and ponder if we have enough of God manifesting in our lives.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

bijou bijou -as usual you always seem to search out and convey important messeges to us - I have heard of the video and even though most of it is true there is still some controversial aspects of it - Hopefully we will be delving into a little more detail during our bible study - We will be studying the controversey soon. But great blog by the way.

Miguel said... me a favor ..try not to twist my comments (ask for clarifications)I am well aware that Jesus came into this world to save the sinners not the saints!... My comment was aimed at the fact that what you listen to (take in through hearing) into your body (where the Spirit of God dwells in)could have an adverse effect on you as a christian...
I don't know how listening to a song which when played in reverse oozes of satanic worship elevates your christian life!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Miguel, trust me i had a lot to write about, but i just wasn't ready for the controversy that'd be generated. When i come up with more diplomatic ways to say the stuff i want to say, maybe (A BIG MAYBE) i'd delve furter.

@Dipo: Even Jesus said in Mathew 22:21, "Give to Caeser what's Caeser's." In other words, the fact that u're a child of God doesn't mean u shouldn't respect those placed in authority over you. You still have to be patriotic. I'm not telling people what they should sing or not sing, i'm only analyzing what i got from the movie. If i acknowledge the fact that i was created by God for his pleasure and for fellowship with him, then why would i want to sing a song that brings dishonor to his name, or goes contrary to what's written in his word? The fact that everyone sings a particular song, still doesn't mean it glorifies God.

"Jesus concern was about the kingdom. How we can understand the kingdom, the purpose of the kingdome and how to reconcile men to God not how to prevent us from adopting the music of the unbelievers." I agree with u, that that's the major thing, but how do u expect to reconcile men to God, especially youngsters, if u don't cover all bases, and analyze some of these things? I'd say it again, feed garbage into ur system, then how can u understand the kingdom, the purpose of the kingdom and how to reconcile men unto God?

Just look around and see the effects most of these songs have on people. 'Cos a popular musician sags his pants and all, people are copying him, 'cos he has numerous piercings or tatoos or wears big blings or whatever people copy them. I'm not against some of these things, but i'm just saying that most of them are not positive role models, thru their songs and all.

"Satan is not a problem, our mindset is the problem. Satan churning out lyrics is not the problem but we discovering our purpose and living by them is by far of more importance than preventing satan from entering your life." Why do i think u're contradicting urself with this statement, but I rest my case here.

@Dipo (to Miguel):We've mixed and mixed, and compromised so many times, now see the effects some things are having in the church? Things that are unheard of are going on within the body of Christ. (I'm not commenting further on here about what i really mean, 'cos i'm not ready for any controversial arguments, i can do a one on one comment thru email).

@LOASCM: It's so controversial and that's why i'm not ready to say too much about it on here. This is the WWW u know. I would love to hear about the details from ur Bible study group, how about we do an IM thingie or better still, if u like, u can email me some of the points u gathered from the study.

Belle said...

We need to pray for our country for real... these tragedies need to stop. Our infrastructure needs to be rebuilt... God help us, and may he comfort those that are grieving...
Thank you so much for sharing the summary of that movie with us. I currently teach the 11-12 year olds at church (gasp!), and I am going to make sure we watch this in the near future. Music is a lot more powerful than we think. I recently stopped listening to secular radio because of all the garb that’s on there. A friend recommended a x-tian station, and Bijou.. you won't believe how much of a blessing its been. The station ministers to all aspect of a x-tians life.. and I tell you, it uplifts the spirit. Being stuck in my car for a minimum of 2. hrs a day, its been a way for me to connect with God.

Thanks for sharing, and God bless :)


Dipo Tepede said...

@ miguel

I am sorry if I twisted your comments. I am just expatiating on it.

@ Bijou

I have a write-up for you on my site.

Daddy's Girl said...

Bijou: Wow, it's interesting how this topic always becomes controversial. It just goes to show that music is a VERY powerful thing, as you said in your post. I enjoyed reading this post, I hope you are not really discouraged from discussing 'controversial' issues o!

I've seen the video you talked about, and while I may have personally disagreed with a few of things he said, I believe that most of what he said is based on the Word of God. Garbage in, garbage out. We Christians often find it hard to live that out because we sometimes pander to the flesh. It's that simple.

@dipo: Your point goes both ways. Many times we think that only things that overtly say 'God, I glorify You' glorify God, but the Bible makes it clear that anything, even the most mundane or 'secular' thing, can glorify God, if it's a good and praiseworthy thing done with a good and praiseworthy motive. So there's no reason why our national anthem 'does not glorify God'. It depends on what's actually being said and with what motive.

Anonymous said...

all u holier than thou people. u have the right words, but how about ur actions? i wonder what the truth would be if we were a fly on ur wall?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@bijou - I will get a detailed write up pulled together and send via email.

Biodun said...

Valid point made, we have to watch wot we put into our minds, cos out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, I know when my spirit is scolding me against one thing or another, listening is the issue.

May their souls rest in peace..Amen

broccolimakesmepuke said...

I am sorry but conspiracy theory christianity is getting out of hand. Apart from the fact that the bible CAN'T be taken literally for very obvious reasons(contradictions and oh yes human error. It has been translated more than twice from it's original language and we all know that translations can easily be distorted and meanings lost. Hence Islam learnt from our mistakes and leaves the Quran in original Arabic).

We need to stop giving the devil more power than he has, hip hop lyrics are trash and everyone can see that. It is NOT about the devil or using word games to look for connections where they don't exist. That whole "subcoinsciously soaking up lrics" theory is trash. In fact, most people don't pay attention to the lyrics of a song until it is brought to their attention. Hence 20 people will think the line in a song is saying 20 different things or why we could sing "let me lick you up and down till you say stop" when we were younger and not fully understand or care what was being said. I could go on and on about how lyrics do not directly affect the psyche but I won't. I guess I just don't see the logical consistency in your argument and normally that is not required for faith based matters but when you try and put logic into faith, you have to be held to that standard as well.

Anonymous said...

What a really stupid post. I agree with broccolimakesmepuke, you guys need to chill on all the theories. Is the devil the one that makes me pick the soap I use too? nonsense!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

RIP To all those that lost their family members or friends in those crashes

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Anon 1: Trust me, i'm not one of those "holier than thou people." Only God knows what's done in secret, and he'd judge everyone according to his deeds, so why would u want to be a fly on my wall?

@LOASCM: Thanks in advance, i await ur write-up.

@Biodun: You can say that again, that's exactly how i feel sometimes when i watch/ listen to things i shouldn't be listening to. One thing is to hear, another thing is to listen, so true.

@Broccoli..., true that the Bible has been translated from the original version, but that still doesn't mean it has lost its meaning. Everyone obviously knows that we can't take the bible literally. I'd be stupid, to try to put logic into faith. I'm only summarizing what i got from the movie. The guy said, it was revealed to him by God and u need to watch the movie, to fully understand where i'm coming from. About subconsciously soaking up lyrics, i have no proof but from what i've seen with my lil cousin, when his older siblings are singing the ABCD song, he just watches, one day he just started singing the song and reciting his ABC's.

@Anon 2: I'm entitled to my opinions and i think i can express them freely on my blog, so why would u call it stupid? It's stupid for u obviously, 'cos u're not even reasonable enough to make an intelligent comment. I'm realying what i got from the movie, okay.

@OWNB: Pray that God comforts them, really sad.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@ Belle: 2 yrs ago, i started listening to only Christian radio stations. My favorites (check my sidebar) are Klove and Sound of life. I think u should be able to get Klove. It's truly been a blessing so far. I'd recommend that movie, it's a good watch. Girl, i've started including Nigeria my dear country in my prayers o, i urge everyone to do the same. God bless you too.

babe said...

I loved your article girl. I am always impressed by people who are not afraid to stand for what they believe in. Keep on representing!

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites! on blogspot these days. pretenders everywhere dropping common sense as if they've discovered sliced-bread all over again. you guys are simply jobless/lonely/miserable. besides a bunch of you going from blog to blog patting yourselves in the back with comments like "good job" "well done" "right on point" what other validation do you want from the cyber world? i've read nice blogs...Adaure's blog for instance, but some of y'all need real Baba God...not the fake Jesus you clog the internet with. bunch of hypocrites. funny how the same fools migrate from blog to blog "patting" one another on the back even when their best friend is spitting utter crap. liars end up in's either y'all from dysfynctional homes cos either way, something is absent in ur lives that makes you resort to blogging and having ur ego massaged by faceless people...most of the women bloggers i know are desperate loners looking for husbands...(wonder why most of them put God fearing in their profiles) hiding behind the bible hoping some guy will not see through their bullcrap...and the men too are busy yanshing oyinbos and african american woemn offline...yet coming back online to still pretend and fool these nigeiran women they are looking for Mother of Jesus. stupid pretending wanksters. I trust God to judge all of u by ur hypocrisy sha. Amen!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

At this point, i think it's about time i started moderating my comments. Critique my writing, that's okay. Voice ur opinions even if they're contrary to mine, that's fine by me but to start posting vile comments and abusing folks, i think that's just taking things a bit too far.
Anonymous, i can see u're really a bitter person without shame. Since none of the things u wrote are true, i won't even post a reply to any of them. U need to deal with ur issues and stop hiding under ur annonymity.