Saturday, December 09, 2006

Guest blog, 2 DOWN 2 TO GO

I've been MIA for sometime, but u can't blame me. My final exams started already so ur guess is as good as mine, urs truly has had her nose buried in dem books. I sincerely apologize, for not letting u guys know i was going to change my blog url. I'm at a point now i really don't care if u know me and u read my blog, but please, don't come telling me about what i wrote. Like questioning me on the identities of those in my entry. Uzzy buzzy, BE WARNED!!!

2 exams done, 2 more to go. Before the end of this year, i plan to interview some of my admired bloggers, or they can do a guest blog. It's entirely up to them. These are people i hold a great deal of respect for. I've never met them before, but somehow i feel kinda connected to 'em. Why? I dunno. On some issues, we tend to have similar views and this leaves me wondering whether these folks are my long lost twin brither/ sister.

Gotta run. By the way, i'm going for an Alvin Slaughter Christmas concert today. I'm so gonna have fun. Also, i've been thinking on taking the DAT's as well as the MCAT exam. For one thing, DAT's have no Physics, which is kinda cool 'cos i hate Physics with a passion. Funny thing, is that i love Math and took it up to Calculus level in college, well that's 'cos i love Dr. Prince that taught it. That woman is adorable, and absolute darling. My plan is to take the DAT's before the MCAT. Also, i'm hanging out with my girls this Thursday. We're having a girls nite out. Have a blessed weekend folks.


Anonymous said...

i love it when my girls and i get together. have a fab weekend :)

Anonymous said... did you find out about sat night?? forward me any pics you got! lol

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I wish I can tell when next my girls and I will be hanging out - but you've inspired me to try and do it when I return in dec.

Im sure your exams went very well - and yes we (I) have missed ya. by thursday all the exams will be out of the way. Remember the word of the Lord for you - only the head you will be, and above only, that spot you desire is yours - and favour He has given you. He has given you wisdom that surpasses all understanding - Make sure you tell me of your results. Cause I know you'll smash them to pieces.

TP said...

(You changed your blog and name! I thought I had lost your blog link)

Thanks for your comments on my page. I've just started reading your blog, so I will be catching up with previous gist. Will be back!

NaijaBloke said...

Ok Xoxo .. what is it that am hearing that u attended a parrry in Belle's area code ...hmm ..LOL

G'luck in ur exams o,am sure u will come out in flying colours ..

Funmi said...

God will give you retentive memory to excel in your exams. How did the concert go?

Mari said...

Thanks for not telling me about changing ure URL on time. I was worried but we cool now. :)

Goodluck with the exams, my future Dr. B. We have to make sure you pass so we can all get free treatments.

Omodudu said...

Good luck with your exams o. No giraffing please hehe, like its going to serve any purpose but make you confused about stuff you already know. I am rooting for you, come outta it with dem flying colors.