Friday, February 16, 2007

Have i lost a good friend (he's alive)? PART 1

I didn't think i would blog soon, but i just had too. Yes o, i decided to copy my Nollywood people. How else will u know i'm a true Naija babe? W and i have been friends since my days at Uni in Ife. When i came to the US to study, he was one of the "true" friends that still kept in touch with me. Even when i don't call, he makes sure he calls me at least once a month or once every two months. He texts me about 3 times a month. Me, on the other hand, i call him only on his birthdays. BAD, i know u don't have to crucify me yet.

Okay, lemme rewind to the beginning. He was digging me right from our Ife days (he's a year older than me), but he didn't come out straight to tell me. His actions spoke louder than anything. He was introduced to me by my friend B, and she was introduced to him by F, her course mate. Anyways, B got to know W first, but with time, W became closer to me than to B or F. He'd pass by B's room, to get to mine, but won't even stop to say hi to B. Apparently, everyone, even my room mates noticed W was getting very close to me. It got so bad at a stage that whenever people see me in the department or anywhere around campus, they know W must not be too far away. People thot we were dating even though we weren't. At least, i wasn't interested in him in that way, but at least i tried to be nice and good friends with him. I can be naive sometimes, I'll be the first to admit that! I had no inkling W was diggin me like that until ...

We had Biochemistry exam the next day, so W came to my room to see if i wanted to pull an all-nighter (study overnight). I was like, why not? So off we went to the archi (architectural) studio to study. It wasn't deserted 'cos those archi students are always drawing, dang!!! I called, my galpal, B to see if she wanted to study too, but B was off to a vigil. We were busy studying (what else did u think???) and W was sitting across from me . All of a sudden he decided he wanted to take a study break, so he came over to the table where i was. I put my head on the table to take a nap and told him to wake me up in 15 mins. Let's just say, i didn't take that nap. I woke up to W sitting beside me, with his fingers making different patterns on my face down to my cheeks (not like i have chubby cheeks o!) I have a thing with people touching my face, so i woke up instantly.

In all honesty, to be fair W is one of the nicest dudes out there. He's passionate about God and it's clearly evident in all he does. He also writes poems and inspirational stuff. He has some, scratch that most of the qualities i would want my future spouse to have, BUT ...

(To be continued)

As i type this, my head's aching seriously 'cos i truly feel very tired. From stress? Fatigue? The news? Anyways, here are some of his writings i kept. I've had them for about 5 years and i'll keep them for as long as i can. They are still on the rough piece of paper on which he scribbled his thots.


Are u sure u're leaving?
Sure u want to leave?
Sure u have to leave?
Sure ...
All these questions should ring till the realities are unveiled poco a poco
Bijoux, is this really going to happen?
Is this ...

Time for questions are over
Realities now abound, u are leaving
Leaving this land to yet explore and exploit one afar

I leave u with these
Leave to make an impact amongst the multitude
Colored, they might call u but
Colorful, your future is

A new leaf u have chosen to open
Every nook and cranny of opportunity, u must choose to venture in
Let not ur standing standards go to the dog
Let not ur personality be changed for worse
Live the life of a unique creature
Tread the path others have fled from treading

All i'll say to u now is
Have a safe journey thru life
If we yet see in chapters of life hereafter, HOORAY!
If not, HUH!
But i always want to believe u'll remain the best
Bijouxoxo Kokoroewa Cherub
I will ever know
Remember Baba will always be there for u, even when men fail

Love, WAF


DiAmOnD hawk said...


you're one hot chikito o....see how guys are pining for you left right and center...oya...confess what jazz ur using....

hmmm...waiting for part 2 o

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Ok I was about to have a headache with the whole "He was introduced to me by my friend B, and she was introduced to him by F, her course mate. Anyways, B got to know W first, but with time, W became closer to me than to B or F." - I almost got lost - had to read like three times to get it..LOL..its very late to be doing blog rounds..

so I saw something about "news" on the write up. Does that mean he is sort of getting married and you are now secretly jealoux.

All this part 1, 2, 3 stories are too much. But I understand with the week uve had u must be very tired. Hope you have a restful weekend.

teva said...

Haunty....Snowed in and still tired..uuuhhh??? what have u been doing????
Hope you good. what's the dealio with WAF? You into him now???

Eagle's Nest!!! said...
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Eagle's Nest!!! said...

The guy was/is obviously in love with you. Young ladies should learn to identify and appreciate genuine feelings. The fact that a young man decides to express his feelings first by action speaks volume. Jerks don't do that; they go right ahead to corner the girl. Unfortunately, ladies have yet to learn that over confidence is the number one attribute of playas.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Diamond: Jazz ke? Hot chikito? I'm an innocent somborri, remember?

@LOASCM: Thank God u figured it out eventually. It's not that complicated. He's not getting married o, at least i don't think so yet.

@Teva: Get ur mind outta the gutter jo. I'd have been into him, BUT ... Honestly, this guy has a heart of gold.

@Joel (eagle's nest): His feelings are genuine and i truly appreciate that, but trust me when i'm done with part 2 u'll unbderstand my reasons too. I'll keep that in mind that overconfidence is the #1 attribute of playas.

temmy tayo said...

Please leave my aburo alone o. Beauty runs in our lineage and men can not just resist us.

Meanwhile, aburo mi atata whats up with WAF jare. Tunde(3T) needs money, you can see he is begging me for $2000 to leave his bro.

Miguel said...

@Cherub...I like the poem...look forward to part II

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Temmy: Abeg, tell dem jere my dear egbon. As for that 3t, lemme sha not spoil my rep as an innocent pesin, so i reserve my comment.

@Miguel: I like the poem tooooooooooooo. Every now and then, i go back to read it. Part 2 will be up shortly.

TaureanMinx said...

Finish finish! He seems very nice. You are keeping us in suspense

Jaycee said...! U left us hanging with the "to be continued thingy..." So how did u feel after the touching of ur face episode? Did u ask him why he was doing that? Finish the tory o...

Anyways, I was abt to guess why all of a sudden u got this sudden jolt of realization, but LoASM already took the words right outta my mouth...

*All things work together...*


Nilla said...

The poem is beautiful!

And I'm looking forward to part 2 too.

Have a wonderful week.

Blessed Child said...

Patiently waiting for Part 2....ok I lie....Can't wait and would check everyday for an update....Thanks for swinging by my blog.God bless.

NaijaBloke said...

u sure say na so the tory go?
No come here come dey remix tory for us,cos u know say that tory dey my achives ...Oya finish the tory ASAP..LOL

Ubong Da said...

Finish the gist jo, how can u leave us hanging like this. why were u forming for the guy when you know u like him eh.