Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Have i lost a good friend (Part 2)?

My paddies, how far now? I needed people to beg me before i continued the post. Don't y'all know that i thrive on attention? LOL. So WAF, has the URL to my blog, does that mean i have to censor my gist? NAH!!! I'm still gonna download the gist as it happened. Okay, maybe i'm not telling y'all som'n. I gave him my blog URL to check out the previous post. At first, i didn't want to but i felt it was only fair for him to know how i felt/ feel about him. I've been on the receiving end of unrequited love, and it ain't fun at all. If i truly see WAF as a brother in Christ, i think it's only fair for me to build him up (thru my words, and actions) and make it easier for him to step out once again without the fear of rejection.

I feel obligated to do this, i really don't know why. The main reason, amongst others, why i wouldn't even consider dating him is 'cos we already have a good friendship in place, and i just can't see him in any other light. I don't want to ruin the friendship. I know all the talk about marrying ur best friend yadi yada. That's true. We both talk about different things, and i'm as open as anything. Easy to read like a book, so it just wouldn't work. The goal of dating for me, is to find a helpmate. In other words, if he's not date-able, then he's not marriage-able. B'cos i believe everyone comes into ur life for a reason, so why "play the field?"

Christian marriage is big on wives submitting to their husbands. If i can't see you beyond the friend level, then submitting will be almost impossible to do, except by the grace of God. I hope this has helped clarify things a lil' bit. Plus the cockroaches are just not in my stomach (lol). God allows us face certain situations b'cos he wants us to learn som'n. The episode between OF and i forced me to step back and do some deep thinking. I did pray that God should open my eyes of understanding and reveal that which he wants me to know. He did.

What i learnt will go a long way in changing the way i relate to those in my life. I stand humbly today as a servant and child of the most high and pray that the words that come out of my mouth will be full of grace and wisdom that will help in edifying the body of Christ and building up my brothers and sisters- Amen.

That's it for now folks.


Who has seen or stolen the dudumaster of duduland and his ragdolldudu? I've been searching for both of 'em o. Abeg, for the slow ones, i'm talking about Omodudu. Let the search begin o.


Anonymous said...

WAF says,
jez, whatta story...
what should i say? cool, fun,crazy...
am short of words.
am the WAF, so is the story strikes pretti hard, it's a flow of fresh-old memories, a reminder of the rather touchy part of mi past.
i guess the guys might feel mi better but any how, she done rather a brief and concise part of my auto-biography (relationship wise). friends, i guess need to tell you my own side of the story, i promise to let some hidden part of the gist out by march 1st at most, check out www.africamovingahead.blogspot.com.
but one thing i have to say is that , she got high values and i respect that alot(and guts too, al explain in my post on my blog)...and i still do after 5 years.
one thing dear, you still gotta friend here always, every passing moment.

Miguel said...

Cherub....what does WIP have to do with lying? I am not a finished product so i clearly understand that we all are a WIP but why get into a relationship with lies? it's best you don't get in at all...so please explain to me what a woman lying about her history has to do with being WIP...I truly don't see the connect.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@WAF: Hmmm... I'll get back to you and dude it's been 6 years not 5!

@Miguel: Sorry for putting u out like that (lemme make amends). I clearly mixed things up. Oya, i admit that lying in all of its form, shape or size has nothing to do with being a WIP. A WIP is one trying to be perfect and learning from one's mistakes. Are we cool now Professor Miggiello?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

yes GET HER miggy... LOL

why did u give WAF the URL...you naughty girl... mo ma na e

hmmmm... well I abhor lying... i think everything needs to be laid bare in the beginning so that there are no surprises at the end of the day...it just saves time and heartache

i actually have a book that i havent finished (read:barely started) reading about being submissive...i think it's by hagan? or somn sha...he wrote one side and his wife wrote the other side. i think this year i will be reading lots and lots... God help me and you too girl...cuz what i know...becomes what u know

miguel said...

lol...naa just needed clarity cause biodun made the same statement

Omodudu said...

Lol..hmmm I dont buy the submission story jo.
The dissaprearance was as a result of a bothced attempt at using a private domain o.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

ok huney - this is not part 2 - it doesn't remotely follow the end of part one - this is like advertisment that follows after a break -

ok I understand how you feel and why butterfly is not flying in your stomach - eeh but the story was not ven told at all.

U berra change the title to Break - and then tell us that Part 2 is coming LOL.

Hope your week has been fabulous - Ive been in a meeting since monday 9.00 - Its finished now - Im so GLAD.

Now continue.

NaijaBloke said...

Kini eleyi now ..I came here to read better story and all I see is some disclaimer looking post ..

Nne post,paste,type or write the partII ASAP ..LOL

...and tell WAF that ama be stalking his blog from the 1st of March so he better come thru with his promise for his side of the story.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Diamond: You, ehn? I reserve my comments for ya. I still have no clue why in heaven's name i gave WAF my blog URL? Was i on some cheap weed or whatttttt!!!!!!! What do u mean by what i know becomes what u know? Oya break it down.

@Miguel: Biodun did? Anyway, it's good u explained ur stance.

@Omodudu, LOASCM, NB: You guys are goooooooooooooood! OMG, i must admit that this is clearly not part 2, at least it doesn't follow the end of part 2. You guys kinda know me well, for some odd reason. But like i said, i did say "amongst other reasons" somewhere in the post.

@Omodudu: Thank God i can access ur page again.

@LOASCM: U're partly right. Thing is WAF now reads my blog.

@NB: WAF can write anything o, i know he's got nothing on me, no secrets, Nothing. I can't wait to read his side of the story too.

bimbylads said...

eeeeeeeee.. honestly I need to be faster than this.. come u people.. cant u wiat till bimbylads has commented before u comment.. anyway, since na WAF comment first.. i no go vex..
WAF: hurry up o. pls be advised that i booked for advance screenings of your blog..
cherub: ur doing the right thing babe.. God will lead u aright.. amen..

Simply Gorgeous said...

Cherub babe what's up? I see what you are saying. But let me give you some advice. There are so many men I have dated before that gave me butterflies and electricity that it could have killed me. The one I ended up marrying was the closest to me that if someone would have told me I would have married I would never have believed them. He was my best friend and continues to be.

It was so hard to get past switching on the switch from friends to lovers, but it can be done, and also let me add is that it should not be forced.It will come if and when you are ready for it.

You have not lost your friend. His feelings are just hurt, don't worry.

Because I am being nice to you does not mean we are still not at war. IT IS WAR MY FRIEND!! I just felt sorry for you, temporary truce.

Bimbylads,I see you here before me. I know now how your juju works I will be ready for you.

Teva said...

i didnt read it through so i guess my opinion might be a bit off, but i dont think the christian marriage is BIG on a woman being submissive!
Everything after the fall was not how it was meant to be. When God made them, he didnt tell her that she had to be submissive to her husband....she's a part of his flesh, she has her functions, and her functions are not dependent on her shutting her mouth all the time...

btw aunty bijoux, you are threading the path i did with MBLa and the url gist...LOL, i'll see how your's unfolds

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Counterfeit Bimbylads: Who u think say u be wey berra people go wait b4 u comment, eh? A big AMEN to that prayer 'cos we all need God's guidance in life since he knows us better than we think we know ourselves. Tell Chineze eyes that the one 'n only Kokoroewa said u shld say hello to him.

@Simply Gorgeous: Why are u following Bimby abi na Bimby dey do follow follow about? That was a solid piece of advise right there. Like u rightly stated, "it should not be forced." It will come if and when it is destined by God that that's the path to tread. Besides, i don't thinking his feelings are hurt, that was sooooo long ago. And yeah, we're still at war, go and ask those who know me what i can and will do. To give u a glimpse, do u know what hot water does to garri?

@Teva: I missed u gidi gidi gan o. Tevalistic, se gbogbo e n spin? (Is everything ok).
Being submissive doesn't mean u're being subservient, stupid and just a zombie. I agree with what u've said. Of course, both partners need to respect each other. Most sensible women in this present day and age wouldn't be a "zombie" (that's what i think u're driving at) for a man. We're both saying the same things, albeit different terminology. Oh, so u gave MBLA ur blog URL?

Ubong Da said...

Am sure he would understand and appreciate it. I used a different approach in handling mine (Check my latest blog). The important thing is that at the end of the day you maintain the friendship. Good Luck

Simply Gorgeous said...

So now you want chop fire? I am trying to help this bush girl and she is there talking rubbish? Go and sit down some place. Ok I am ready for you, come and eat fire, come and eat acid, come and drink ogogoro with goat droppings. If you are ready come.

Eagle's Nest!!! said...

Here's my thought:

I've learnt over the years that most young women don't like men that are easy to predict, and may I say that the primary reason for many heartbreaks this age is due to unpredictability which, in most cases, is a result of misunderstanding.

The fact that you are easy to figure out is a big plus in relationship. In fact, if you look well enough on blogville, you'll notice that agitation for true love is prominent amongst the girls. Why true love remains elusive is not far-fetched - You can't get "it" from a stranger. You've gottta connect as friends before anything else.

I'm gonna dedicate the remaining days of Feb to psychoanalysis of love. Will address several issues pertaining to relationships.

chainreader said...

I'm all for dating a friend. I think that being friends is the best foundation. Fireworks don't always last. I've done fireworks, now i'm doing friend. I think me likey friend.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Ubong da: I'm sure he does. Thanks, will check out ur blog.

@SG: How dare u call me a bush gal? Don't u know i'm from Egba (Abeokuta) city?

@Eagle's nest: We do like surprises once in a while. I disagree with u on the fact that the primary reason for many heartbreaks this age is due to unpredictability. Please explain this point further. The fact that i'm easy to figure out, also has it's negatiove sides big time. Anyway, i'm waiting to read ur analysis.

@Chainreader: True that being friends is the best foundation, in most cases. Ehen, u're doing friend now (lol)