Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When it rains, it definitely does pour

Hello blogheads, how're you guys doing? If there's ever an award for the nost inconsistent blogger ever, i know i'll win that award hands down. But really, it's not my fault (yeah, yeah, play the blame game). I've been job searching since August and i've finally been blessed. I got 3 job offers all in a week and yet i still have 2 interviews lined up for next week. Our God is forever faithful. I'm grateful to God for the wonderful family he 's blessed me with for their constant love and support, they were always and are still keeping me on my toes. Sometimes, they're a pain of course (LOL). Also for my wonderful friends, especially the Walking Encyclopedia (WE), his encouraging and inspiring words were just wonderful. In the short time i've come to know him, he has really been a blessing to me, and i cannot thank him enough. I remember calling him at odd hours of the day/ night to whine and WE was always there to listen, a good listener he is (don't let ur head swell, 'cos i know u're reading this), staying on the phone with him for hours, especially whenever i felt overwhelmed.

ELVEE also provided a shoulder to cry and lean on, but with school and so many other things he was going thru i wanted to steer clear. ELVEE is just too funny. Can u imagine my wonderful boo has been trying extra extra hard now that he knows he has some competitors out there, infact that's gist for another day (PENDING GIST #1).

Many things are happening on a daily basis. Oh by the way, i attended the Festival of Life, organized by RCCG. It was glorious. Pastor Adeboye preached, Apostle Gilbert Coleman and Martha Munizzi had a live concert. It was wonderful. I was back stage mostly 'cos i volunteered to help out with the hospitality team. We were responsible for hosting Martha and her band members, giving them food and all. When she came for a snack in our room, nobody had a camera to take a picture with her, we sha managed one with a camera phone that's just so unclear. Some of the testimonies were just hilarious. Gosh! There was this guy who came with his wife to testify how God saved his wife from fibroids, he went on and on to say how the docs said there was a 50% chance she'll ever be preganant, how they had their 1st three babies in less than 3years a little over 2years sef, of course the church hoo-ed and haa-ed at that. Anyway, it was just too funny, the pastor that MC-ed had to ask if she wasn't pregnant again at the end.

My scoper (this guy that has designs on me), was at the holy ghost night, I chilled with him for a lil' bit. Gosh! That guy's story is for another day (PENDING GIST #2). I need to keep y'all posted. Happy birthday to Muyiwa, may God grant u your heart's desire according to his will- Amen. Happy birthday in advance to oluwaNIYI the GREAT COMMENTER, dude u've been a blessing to me and i can only wish u the very best and speak God's blessings into your life. The good Lord will perfect all that concerns you- Amen. Thank you. Till i come your way again, i'll try not to make it too long, remnain blessed people.


Belle said...

Congrats on the job offers! See how God works? It's trully a testimony to be able to pick and choose.

hmmmmm i see you're holding out on gist abi? not cool... so not cool!

Allied said...
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Allied said...

Cherub, Thanks for the shout out. I had a beautiful day. I left you a reply on my page. Anyway, i am seriously looking forward to those gist oh. Please deliver as promised and don't disappoint. Me i like story.

aloted said...

congrats o..so have u decided which one of the jobs you are taking?

Anonymous said...

why do you allow profanity on ur blog? arent u xtian?