Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey folks, I know it’s been a long minute since I last updated. Sorry, it’s not my fault; let’s blame it on the fact that I started a new job. Work’s fine, I find it interesting so far, I can’t afford to complain. It’s not lab work, but “office work.” I share my cubicle with 3 others; I have my own space though, which is quite nice. It’s obvious that I’m the newbie as soon as u step in, ‘cos I have the most boring space ever. I guess with time, I’ll jazz it up. So what are y’all doing for thanksgiving? As for me, I dunno yet, maybe I’ll sleep in and crash a couple of friend’s do. Was planning to take a trip to NY, but that ain’t happening. I’m so targeting black Friday sales, mehn. I’m in dire need of a brand new laptop, that’s another reason why I haven’t been updating frequently these past months. Best Buy, Walmart, here I come!

Oh I forgot to tell u guys I’m taking the GRE exams soon, yes o you heard right. I’m sure some of u are wondering what happened to me taking the MCATs? Well, to cut a long story short, not that I wasn’t ready or anything, but my faith got shaken a lil’ bit. Lesson # 1, NEVER TRY TO LIMIT GOD Bijouxoxo (Oops! I almost typed in my real name…lol). By the time the doubting Thomas in me finished listing the mountain of seemingly impossible things regarding med school, I gave up. But you know what, ever since then, I’ve had this unrelenting spirit urging me on not to give up my dream. So with all that is within me, by God’s grace I am going to do what it takes to get there. In fact, some people were gossiping that maybe I took it and failed and didn’t want anyone to know, Heck! If that was what happened, I would’ve said so.

With that being said, let me tell you a little bit about what I do. I work at the school of medicine, in the downtown office. I’m a senior analyst/ research assistant (that’s my title o) Hmmm… Get to read loads of articles, and summarize them, attend scientific conferences/ forums at the school of medicine or at NIH etc. I’ve met loads of people in the short while that I’ve been here. It’s all about networking. At the scientific forums, I get to interact with research physicians doing big things within the field of medicine and that has further given me the assurance that I can do “it” with God’s help. Parking in downtown is horrendous! My goodness, I really have to come up with a brilliant alternative ‘cos I can’t be paying $4 a day (on a very good day) or $6 a day for parking. My 1st couple of days, I paid $9, imagine!!!

Apart from work, nothing much has been going on. The mister is fine, my family’s doing great. Oh, by the way I met Vera and Naijabloke finally at this wedding. Vera’s a midget and NB is a giant. Yes, I said so and that’s the truth. Oh, I’m attending this surprise b’day party for an old classmate on Friday, hopefully there’ll be loads of fun, food and gist. Ok, I’ve to get back to work before my people discover what I’m doing. Laterssssssssss people. I miss blogging, yes I do! Have a wonderful thanksgiving and remember to give thanks for everything in your life.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Gosh Ive missed you my dear. My peeps when I was lounging in Virginia. Congratulations on the Job, and I'm glad that even though you limited God, God still didn't give up on you.

Wow your jobs sound seriously cool. Send me some articles once in awhile, so I see what Im missing in the med field. And the summarys too.

I can see you as an MD PhD., wow you go girl.

ohhhh and happy thanksgiving to you too.

Calabar Gal said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Best wishes with your new job.

Tayo said...

All the best in your exams, and happy thanksgiving (in arrears)

Allied said...

Ahh. o jebi to update... i have fashied ur blog a long time ago..

How are u?

aloted said...

congrats on the new job...and i believe you enjoyed thanksgiving...


ONdLOW said...

Congrat on the new job and good luck on GRE. We are in the same shoes jare. i am sick of all this exams.
Good luck1