Thursday, February 07, 2008

Come and join me sing Hallellujah ... GO NITTANY LIONS!!!

My people o, i finally moved, as in moved into my very own apartment. Words cannot begin to describe how excited i am. I mean, it was about time. I just had to. God is wonderful, awesome, worthy to be praised and faithful. My life is a living testimony of the Lord's goodness. I got admitted into Penn State, my #1 choice and the only other school i applied to for my doctorate in Biobehavioral health/ Biomedical science. See, i applied to 2 schools, one in Ohio and the other was @ Penn State in State College, PA. Between the 2 of us, it was really Penn State i wanted to go to, 'cos of the fact that it's in PA. I just love that state, dunno why. So i'm headed back to PA o my people, but hopefully it's not going to be as dry as my former undergrad city. The wonderful thing about it all, is that everything's going to be paid for and i'll be getting paid "student pocket-money" (stipend) monthly. Needless to say, i'll be on a student budget and i'm so going to miss the working class life i've become accustomed to. I am so grateful to God.

I have passed through some storms in my 20 som'n years in this world, especially in my education. Let me share one of them with you guys. I am an international student, and after my undergrad i applied and was given a work permit (Optional Practical Training-- OPT) that would enable me to work for a year. OPT is not renewable. I was scheduled to start work on July 1st, 2007, but i didn't actually start till Nov. 14th. So those 5 months were lost. It was tough, i went through some sad stages then. Lackfundaitis (lack of fund) set in soon. Anyway, let me not bore u guys with the details. Those who know me like that, know what i am talking about. To anyone going through the storms of life, just know that it MUST pass. I wonder sometimes, how i went through it all without breaking down. It was surely the Lord's doing.

Anyway, i am frantically searching for a 1 bedroom apartment in State College, PA. Any suggestion, ideas would be welcome. If you guys happen to know people living around that Penn State, State college area, please holla. Also i am attending every conference possible, every talk related to the area i want to focus on in grad school, every book i can lay my hand on, just to familiarize myself very well with what i am going to do. By the end of my 1st year, i want to have an idea of my dissertation topic. I am giving myself 4 years to complete my degree, by God's grace. The average number of yrs most pple spend in the program is 5 yrs, but i was told someone finished in 3 yrs before. I also pray, hope and plan to intern at NIH every summer, if possible as a predoc in one of their many intramural programs. I want to be able to merge my biology background, "lab work" with public health and what my advisor does successfully.

I am thinking/ planning to go home in December. Yes o, you heard me very well. It'll be over 5yrs by then. I miss home. Anyway, we'll see sha. Till i come ur way again. May the Lord bless and keep you all.


SapphireAster said... finally got around to updating..aww I'm happy for you and its great you are trying to learn as much as possible and you have your sights set on internships u can earn more money at a good internship anyways. Why not Ohio now? not fair o!

Spicy said...

Congratulations Cherub...The storms only come to give us testimonies about how awesome God is...Congrats once again!

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The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Congratulations Girl. The Lord is trully faithful, I am so excited for you. That next journey, which you must get through on your path to greatness. He trully is good.