Monday, February 04, 2008

Move, Application deadlines and many more

Ki lon sele eyin temi? Wassup folks? Okay peeps, how've y'all been? TERC is 1. YAY!!! Ok, i found an apartment not too far from my uncle and boyfriend's house, which means i'll be moving latest by Thursday 'cos my lease started on the 1st. I told my uncle and see drama o, let me not get into that. When i told my aunt, she just smiled (that smile... if u know what i mean) and said ok. Anyway, no yawa... no worries. I am applying to schools for Ph.D programs in the biomedical sciences, so abeg pray along with me that baba God will show me favor.

There's really no gist jere, just chilling with day to day life. I must say that this year has really been good so far, as per my spiritual life. I thank God for his grace o, 'cos it's really not by my power neither us it by my might. The mister and myself have started the habit of waking up to pray together at 6 every morning, i tell u that has brought about this unexplainable connection between us.

I had the opportunity of meeting Miguel 2 weeks ago. Imagine o, dude just showed up at church and walked up to me after the 1st service. I was surprised like heck! Anyway, it was nice meeting you for 5minutes o. Hopefully, we'll be able to hang out the next time you land in my zones jere.

By the way, i help out as a science tutor in an after school program at an elementary school. Okay, so i am meant to come up with a 2 minute science project for "Show-what-you-know." Any ideas? The project should be appropriate for either 1st or 2nd grade. Please if y'all have any suggestions, holla. Thanks.

There's no gist jere, i've been so dry lately. Have a blessed week people.


Believer said...

Hi dearie, how r u doing? Thank God for everything, i believe God with you for open doors regarding your education. Please can you give me your email address, email it to me Thanks
N.B Hope you are taking care of the 'guinea brocade'!!!

Jaycee said...

I see u're not too far from d mister's house. U're enjoying

Phd program? I love u for achieving great heights ms. Cherub, good stuff...good stuff!!!! May God take u to the place where He designed for you even before the foundations of this world, in Jesus Name. Amen.

So u saw Miggie ehn???? All these hook-ups ehn??? Miguel, how abt me naw?

My head is swooning from completing my statistics homework some minutes ago so i can't really contribute anything for the 1st/2nd graders...:)