Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where did the year go & LV moves???

I can't believe it's October already. My wonderful people, i am still alive and kicking. Where do i start from? God has been really good to me. I am still in school... 3rd year now. Can you believe it??? I know what topic i want to do the BIG D on, kinda exciting and surreal at the same time. I had the BIG D first committee meeting this week to let the JURY know what my plans are & when i'll take my comprehensive exam (comps). Going back to our analogy, after i take my comps which should be next year March or so by God's grace, then i'll be ABD (in other words, my name would be written in ink). I thank God for how far he has brought me, 'cos it's not by my power or might.

So what did i do this past summer??? I travelled. I had the priviledge of meeting one of my blog egbons, the one and only Temmytayo! Sweet lady, i tell you. Nigeria is still the same, nothing has really changed in that country. This was my first time going back home in 8 years. On to more interesting stuff, so ELVEE moved to another part of town for pharmacy school that is about 6.5 hours drive from me. I miss him sooooooooo much! There's nothing much to report except that i'm loving life and doing my thing. By the way, my friend started a blog, my good people, show her some love.

I just wanted to update this blog, just because it's been a while. Till i come your way again, remember to live life responsibly and live each day like it wasyour last. Remain blessed, folks.


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