Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello fellow blogheads, I wonder if anyone still reads this blog, but it's for me to share my thoughts. My life has really been a roller coaster ride. I just took the biggest exam of my life- my COMPS! For the non-PhD folks, Comps are your comprehensive exams which in my department is made up of a written and an oral exam. The written exam has between 5-6 loaded questions. Basically it covers almost all the work done since you started the program. I took the exam from March 11- March 14. It was torture. The questions were not difficult, i could handle it. The hard part is all the writing, literature search and literature review needed for the write up. When i was done, i had about 46 pages in total and i answered all 5 loaded questions. In addition, i had to turn in my proposal (1st 3 chapters of my dissertation). Altogether i wrote 90 pages in 3- 4 days. After the ORALS in 2 weeks, i will be ABD and back to my earlier analogy, my name will now be in ink. Oh by the way, in my last post when i said i had the topic for the BIG D all figured out, i did, but GUESS WHAT??? It's now changed to something similar, but now headed in a different direction and focusing on a different study population.

So what was the experience like?

The exam is meant to test not only your knowledge, but your tenacity, your persistence, your endurance, and how determined you are. Boy! At a point in time, i felt like giving up, but that was when i cried unto God. It was torture and there were times that i felt my head was going to explode, but God sustained me. To show the seriousness of it all, i even blocked facebook on my laptop so that i won't be tempted to go on it. I thank God. I ate only once a day for 3 days, just a snack & then back to work. I did not shower for 2 days. Yes, it was that serious.

*On a cheesy note* I have the bestestestestest hubby ever!!! ELVEE is a priceless gem, a rare find. He was with me through it all. Tending to my every need. As soon as i started the exam on Friday, he cooked for me & made sure that i ate, even though i had no appetite whatsoever. On Saturday, before he went back to his base, he made sure i had something to eat, but as soon as he left i went back to exam mode Sunday & Monday, just snacking & not eating any real food. I thank God for blessing me with a good man. I'm a lucky gal.

After my Orals and my proposal goes through, at the end of this month by God's grace, i will begin my IRB stuff (ethical approval to go conduct my research). This semester has been really busy, but God has really strengthened me in my weakness, given me wings to soar like an eagle, carried me when i felt like falling. The semester will be over in about 5 weeks, and i have so many reasons to thank God. I also applied for a dissertation fellowship, and i will share more details on the success of that very, very soon by God's grace. The application was like a whole proposal on its own. A lot of writing to do, but that's what you do when you're in a PhD program. So here's from my Spring 2011 to-do-list:

1) Complete & Submit my manuscript to a journal
2) Apply for the dissertation fellowship
3) COMPS- Written & Oral
4) IRB Application
5) Submit proposal
6) TA for 2 classes

A full load, and i am excited and can't wait to share with you the good news by the end of the semester. Indeed, God has been faithful to me! That's all for now folks, but before i leave, I want to encourage you with these words that i have held onto during my trying time when i felt like giving up. Whenever, you are clueless about how to handle all the tasks you have ahead of you:

1) STOP complaining, rather thank God for making opportunities come your way.
2) Giving excuses for why you didn't perform is NOT an option
3) NEVER ever compare yourself to anyone, u're unique in ur own way
4) DON'T focus on the problem 'cos if you do u get intimidated & what God can do diminishes in your eyes
5) BE DILIGENT- Keep at it constantly & steadily apply yourself towards doing 1 thing at a time towards finishing
6) Commit to the Lord whatever you do & your plans will definitely succeed- Proverbs 16: 3
7) JUST WHEN U FEEL LIKE GIVING UP, Isaiah 40: 29- 31- Call on GOD 'cos he gives strength to the weary & increases power to the weak!

These are the 7 things that have kept me sane these past couple of weeks. Later, peeps1


Jaycee said...

I love number 7. And hubby cooked for you? THAT'S ROMANTIC!!!

PS: Of course we read now, we have RSS Feed Readers that update us whenever you post...abi you don't know?

BSNC said...

You are so lucky to have such a hubby.