Friday, June 02, 2006

Why am i on this planet?

That's a toughie, i know. Most of us cannot answer that question, and i don't blame those who don't know the answer to the question. After reading a book, i got some insight on how to answer the question. In as much as i cannot give a specific answer, i now have a better understanding of myself, the people i interact with, my life and what God expects from me on this planet he put me in. I'm going to share some of the things i now know.
I've come to understand that before one can know what his/her purpose is in life, one has to first acknowledge that his/her birth wasn't a fortuitous event. Like the psalmist says, in Ps. 139:15 and 16, (to paraphrase it), God knew everything from the beginning when the sperm and egg fused to form the zygote (that would later become YOU / ME!) Isn't that wonderful, unfathomable that the God who made everything in heaven and on earth, has your name and my name engraved in the palm of his hands. How AWESOME! When i think about it, it's like tatooing the name of someone u love dearly and care for on a part of your body, your palm for that matter so that it will be obvious to everyone (not that i'd recommend that).

Anyway, enough of my preaching, all i'm saying is that most times i am always trying to do things by myself, forgetting that i didn't create myself and that God who created me has greater plans for me, than i can ever imagine. I've decided so many times that i'll let go and let God do the leading in my life, (not that i'm encouraging laziness), but i fall into the trap of being a "Miss Fix It" all over again. Above all, my prayer now, is that God's perfect will be done in my life, because no matter how hard i try to figure out what's best for me, i'm still clueless! (and that's frustrating).

I've come to realize that the best thing to do, is to hands off completely, and trust God to bring to perfection all that concerns me. Moreover, all the days ordained for me has been written in his book, even before one of them came to pass. You would think that should prevent me from worrying, right? (It's not my fault blame it on human nature). Now i'll focus my energy on doing other things instead of dwelling on the fear of the unknown!


aihammed delot said...

once upon a time i adopted a little bit of your theory on letting myself drift and "Letting God take control" unfortunately i think i put too much effort into the "drifting" bit and almost ended up on the streets.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Ha!Thank God u didn't end up on the streets. The point isn't for one to be lazy. You've got to play ur own part by doing what u do diligently, and letting God crown ur efforts with success.

A good thing to do, is before making any decisions or taking any step, table it before God since he knows better, anyway, and that way he is the one taking the lead.

After doing the above, one can just rest in the Lord trusting and believing that he is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ever think of or imagine.