Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kickboxing is not for everyone

My people a lot has been happening to me. As in, me that i always claim to be dry, i've a lot of gist for u guys, but schoolwork hasn't spared me. I've had a lot on my plate. Anyways, i'll gist u guys soon enough, hopefully before the end of this week. As i type this, i'm seriously tired, my fingers are weak and my upper thigh hurts like crazy. I decided to try kickboxing yesterday; i was in the gym for 1.5 hours. I felt good with myself, after i was done, but i don't think i'd do anymore kickboxing. To climb the staircase, problem, to kneel, wahala (problem). I swear, i need a full body massage. I guess the intensity was just too much for me. I work out at least twice a week for 1.5 hours each day, aerobic dance and step. I'll just stick to my aerobic dance and step. No more kickboxing for me. My people, it looks like i've been nabbed big time. My annonyous cover has been blown. Funny thing, is that i have no clue who this person is, but i'm working on finding out. Just from my nose and mouth/ smile, the person recognized me, that means the person knows me very well. Anyways, i gotta run. What's up with all u blogsville peeps and half gist? Y'all know yourselves so i'm naming no names. Stay tuned, 'cos i'll be having my first guest blogger (Olawunmi's idea), the one and only Son of the Most high a.k.a. the Professor/ Pastor. Remain blessed guys, and i promise, i'll be back.


ABBEY said...

go soak yourself in hot water girl..usually works. not boiling water oh..that might cause other problems.

LondonBuki said...

Pele... your muscles hurt cos you are working out a different muscle group... aerobics and step are different workouts to kickboxing... you'll feel better soon enough. I think you should go try it again next week... You'll feel much better the second time round.

Ofcourse someone will recognise you from your lips and nose! Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, read blogs now oh. My friend in Nigeria called me and said she'd read my blog! I didn't give her the link but she sha accidently reached my blog. And me I don't have a pic f my face!

Pele... schoolwork? I hate school and I am so glad it's over for me... I doubt if I'll go back to school oh! Good Luck.

Looking forward to your Guest Blog...

Enjoy the rest of your week.

temmy said...

My Bijou,my kid sis on bloggerville.Your egbon is too lazy to even glance at the adverts for gym classes, moi is proud of you but sofry sofry ok. I no want make u commot muscles before the D-Day o.

Dipo Tepede said...

My dear Bijou,

You are still fretting over this issue. Na waooooo

What can I say?

Life through rose-tinted glasses said...

eyah pele! the trouble we go to just to keep fit dont worry in a day or two you'd be feeling so much better and you moght even want to try it again lol. pls come back and gist us quick dont keep us waiting too long u get lol. cheers

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Bijou Bijou - I fully understand the ache. Ndo oo. But this your gist of you cover blown, are you sure this person knows who he is talking about. Has he shown his cards. I hope you don't worry too much and hope your school work is coming along nicely.

Take care dearie, no shaking..

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@bijoux so they really really know - but how - just from your lower face - I will check you blog patiently on my travels.

Teva said...

LOL, bijoux babe...hmmm na wa o!Aerobics and step. O girl please direct me there jare. I don tire for these people here wey no know the things wey them dey teach. Is it in central london or what? Gal, help a sista!!
So your cover's blow! Na na na na na na na!!!!
That'll teach you not to yap people with half gist!
So miggie's ur guest blogger...EXCELLENT!! I await the demonstration with great anticipation

NaijaBloke said...

Aunty Xoxo .. kickboxing,thatz a nice sport and excercise o.Just try it for like 3 times and u shd be fine afterwards.

See person complainig abt half gist and she no even write any gist here ...

How u think say someborry will not recognise those lips and nose .. u berra start thinking abt some ppl u have been fresh with and there will be ya answer.LOL

DiAmOnD hawk said...


....i really dont like saying that but i just had to! lol!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Abbey: Thank u jere, omo dada (good child). I'd even use bath beads, some scented rose petals andall those orisirisi.

@LB: Come back to school. My instructor said i was working the hamstrings and quads and some random stuvvs like that. All i know is my thigh hurts and my arms, who cares about muscles? Buki, me i don't think i'd do kickboxing again o. Lemme jejely stick to what i know.

@Dipo: I'm no longer fretting over the issue, but it just amazes me how u recognized me from the little i revealed of myself. Still, have no clue who u are. You must be good at remembering faces. U didn't reply my 2nd email though.

@Rosetinted: I just said i should try something different o. Which one is i may want to try it again, i said Kickboxing ain't for me, ok? I'm fit enough, i just want to maintain my weight.

@Temmy: Big sis mi, but why? Start exercising little by little or join a fitness class (that'll motivate u), with dis one u're addicted to Supermalt and Indomie, i fear small o. We all need to keep fit. Regular exercise and a good diet, helps prevent most common diseases.

@TLOASCM: The person sabi me well well o no be joke. School's great jere, just that it's taking out of my blogging time. Have a safe trip and bring back loadsa gist.

@Madam Teva: Na who tell u say na London i dey? That okrika London, dey no sabi how to do correct step. Please i beg u don't go and buy Dance videos unless u get good recommendations from a fitness instructor, 'cos most of the videos out there are absolute crap. Better still, look for an Aerobic dance class to join. U be poet? Which one be "i await ur demonstration with great anticipation" Na real wa. O girl, the thing do me like horror movie say my cover don blow, me wey i no popular reach like dat. It's all good.

@NB: Get ur mind outta the gutter. U wey dey talk, u don start ur gym class? I'm still counting down, to the day we go go settle the fight u get with Pastor o. Na 3 weeks remain for ur Sunday-Sunday training to finish, abi no be so u tell me? U think say i dey play when i tell u say i go remind u.

@Diamond: Told me so, like how? Are u referring to my cover that was blown, or the kickboxing class, i carried my double left leg to? It's almost ur b'day, how far, make i dash the Serenity keyholder to someone else?

Vera Ezimora said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. "Vera ponders...* Bijouxoxo, me sef, I don dey begin think i don know who you be oh. But anyways, lemme keep 'investigating'. My errrrr private investigator has not given me 'nuff' info. Hehehehehe.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@ Vera: No lemme kickbox ur face o. U know me like how? Na lie jo. Nonsense. Private investigator, indeed.

ChiefO said...

bijou no worry we fit help u organize for the so called person wey cover ur blow. as per the kickboxing i dont know how i can help u o. whatever happened to the best and most natural way of exercise. the likes of hand to mouth muscle curl, plate to mouth pilates, etc etc. do i hear somebody say those are not excercises? they are o, cos how would you explain the sweat i sweat whenever i balance with my plate of amala and ewedu.

Uzo said...

I adore kick boxing but it hurts like mad. Looking forward to my class tomorrow. I say try it again. It gets better with time.

Your cover being blown? It seems to be happening to every anonymous blogger out there. LOL

NaijaBloke said...

Hahahah I second chiefo jere on the amala and ewedu part.

Xoxo ..which one be get ma mind outta da gutter,abi u wan tell me say u neva freshen up with someborrey ni.No scare me abeg.

LOL... dont worry I shd have plenty of time after ma exams by end of da month.Might be coming to ya area soon I hope.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@NB: Lemme know when u land so i can organize dem area boyz at Oduduwa for u.
@Uzo: I sure wouldn't want to get in a fight with u, u go finish my fine face.
@ChiefO: Be deceiving yaself o. Abeg get urself to the gym. Besides, i think u're fit enough, u no kuku fat.