Friday, November 10, 2006

Popular jingo or NOT!

What's going on my people? Been super-duper busy with school, but God is in control. Had my histology exam today. Didn't leave school till 11:30 p.m. last nite, had an all-nighter (slept for 3 hrs only) and continued studying into the exam room. I tell u, i'm exhausted, it ain't even funny. Upon all, i couldn't answer 3 questions. Wetin na? I've done my best, i leave the rest to God. I can't come and die, 'cos of book (gramatically incorrect, i know).

Before i forget, y'all need to check out Just heard from the grapevine that Kofo attended QC Lagos, my almamata. Funny thing, Tuoyo's mum was once a princi/ princy (principal) of the school long before i got in. Small world indeed. I'm thinking i might as well, just cut this annonymity thing i have going on, 'cos almost everybody knows my true identity now. That darn pix of my lip and nose i had on my profile caused it. See me thinking i wasn't that popular, eh? It's still under serious consideration, we'll see how that goes. I was sitting down jejely, just minding my business like i always do, when i decided to check facebook, saw that i had a friend request. Checked the guy's profile, was positive i didn't know him, but just 'cos he was a fellow Naija attending a school not too far from me, i added him. It so happened that he had one of those Yoruba names, that is so easy to "Americanize," so i sent him a message to say wassup and to ask if he Yankeenized his Naija name. He denied, of course, and told me his Nigerian name and even went further to tell me he knows me from back in our Lagos dayz. Seriously, anyone that knows me from back in dem dayz, knows that i was one of the quiet ones, so quiet until i got into QC.

In QC if u're quiet, people would take u for a ride. They'd think u're a mumu (dumb person) as in a numero uno ode! I noticed sharp sharp, and had to toughen up. One day, in JSS 2, one of my classmates wanted to cheat me or do something really silly. She was surprised, when i yelled at her. The exact words that came out from her mouth, and i never can forget it was, "Even u too Bijouxoxo, u don open eye o." As in all the razzness, mehn! Anyways, i digress.

So, it came as i surprise, when this dude said he knew me. Checked his only pix on facebook but still couldn't recognize him. Anyways, to cut the long story short, dude and i attended the same primary school. I even remember his name sef, but not his face. Small world indeed. But i'm thinking, how did homeboy discover me on facebbok? I've not seen or heard from this dude since we left primary school. Anyways, lemme leave that alone.

I was featured in our school newspaper. A head shot was placed next to my answers, my people u need to see how i was cheesing as in really flashing my dentition. The guy that took the pix, snapped while i was still laughing. In all honesty, he asked if i wanted him to retake it, but i was running to pee in the bathroom, so couldn't pose for another shot. I told him, that pix just goes to show that i'm a happy person. At least, my classmates will get to see, that there's a different side to me than the serious look i put on in class. Got into my research lab today, when Miss T, my friend and fellow "rat girl," noticed that someone had cut out the pix and the interview thingy and pasted it on the door leading to the lab.

There's nothing really going on with me, besides school. Anyways, i need to have a long nap now, 'cos i'm so tired. Till i update this thingie called a blog again, hopefully i'd update by Sunday God willing, remain blessed folks.


ABBEY said...

hey Bijoux...long time...hope ur tests went well. was kofo 2 yrs our senior or just one, i remember her but not sure what set she was in.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

You finished primary school in '94 - Girl yu are still young -

I love to hear wedding stories - and visit wedding websites - Nice - Good to see you are well and recouping from exams - Dont worry about the 3 questions - The Lord will touch the hearts of the markers and you would get a ver favourable grade - I have known people who didnt write anything to come out with a pass mark - Because the Lord was in it - You did your best that all that matters. Have a good rest darling. Have a blessed weekend.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Abbey: Kofo was 2 yrs our senior. I remember her face vaguely too.

@LOASCM: I'm still an ayounge, thanx. At least i know i can't fail the class, just that it kinda pissed me off that i couldn't answer those 3 q's considering the way i studied. I had a good rest, and that's why i'm suffering from insomnia at 1 a.m now. Have a blessed weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Hey darling, don't get your self worked up you will surely pass ya exams jare. You no fit kill yourself na, abi.

Thanks for tantalizing my throat(lol) with that wedding webbie.

Beautifully Human said...

so that's why you removed the photo on your profile; you needn't have bothered jare, your cover has already been blown, innit? POPULAR JINGO!!!
Anyways good luck with the rest of your exams and dont stress too much, ok?

Biodun said...

Pele dear, hope ur exams go well. So since people know u now, just go ahead n show ur face, lol (dont mind me) I will go check out the websites. Have a nice weekend!

Omodudu said...

Wait till ya professor invites you to his office and asks, "Didn't you say you were a Nigerian?" Hehehe, Nigerians are supposed to answer all their questions, efiko people.

Mari said...

I hope your results come out good. I've got to give it to you med students, mehn. This weekend, all I could think of was if I had gone to medical school (both my parents are doctors). I dont know how that would have worked out.

Since you've been exposed, you might as well just out up the full picture just as Biodun suggested.

Have a great week.

Vera Ezimora said...

Yeah girl, even me sef, I already know who you are. Who are you foolin sef? Anonymous blog indeed! I thought about making my blog anonymous when i first started, but i changed my mind. Figured it'd be too hard keeping it anonymous. Besides, I wouldn't be able 2 talk about how stupid my friends are - which I obviously love doing on a daily basis

And u betta make the font of this ur blog bigger now.. ah ah! Wetin sef? I have to dilate my pupils to be able to read all these tiny words. Take time o!

Teva said...

Sweetheart, i've been here twice this weekend o! so please update kia kia, sunday don pass...LOL
Madam popular!! in school newspaper....e fona han wa o! (Show us the way o!)

Take care dear!

LondonBuki said...

Hi dear, I am sure you aced the exam... :-)

I also tried to be anonymous but everyone who knows me knows it's my blog as soon as they read it especially since I started the Mummy Monday posts.

Anonymous said...

i feel you jare. I was so tired the other nite that I was hallucinating and talking smack. DOnt read too much oh.

Through these eyes said...

Wow, QC is my alma mater too but don't know Kofo though.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Thanks guys. Got my exam paper yesterday and was stunned when my prof told me i had a 91% on it. 'Twas a miracle. God always comes thru i tell u.

@Through ... : So u're a QCOG too, cool. Kofo graduated in '98. What year did u leave QC?