Friday, December 01, 2006


I'm numb as i type this, infact too shocked. I really don't think those words really convey how i feel. Word got out today that the same aristo fada i spoke about in my previous post, was charged. It's all over the papers and i feel so bad, 'cos i know him personally, taken his course and i know his family too well. I pray everything works out in his favor. I can't begin to imagine what would happen if he's found guilty. His career's at stake already, his family would be torn apart most likely. Dear Lord, please intervene on his behalf. I hope they don't cover up the story. I can't put too much on here 'cos the case is still fresh. Court date is Dec. 5 and i'm praying for the family and him like crazy. I wept when i saw his pix next to the newspaper story. They portrayed him like a criminal. I'm really heart broken.

Yeye girl, Vera tagged me. She wants me to write weird things about myself. Does she think everyone's a weirdo like her? Anyhoos, let's see what i can come up with.

1. I smell my hands/ fingers after scratching my head (scalp).
2. I'm scared to use a tampon, never used one before and don't plan on ever using one.
3. I like smelling my fart, to know how bad it really is.
4. I can go a whole week or more without pooping. I can hold my poop for long, thanks to my college days at OAU in Ife.
5. I love "awoof" (freebies), no matter how inconvenient it is for me, i still go out looking for freebies.
6. When my pantyhose/ tights are worn out, i turn them into nightcaps. I just tie the 2 legs several times (for lack of a better word) into a knot, and wear it on my head when gooing to bed.
7.I'm very good at keeping things. Funny thing is i'm saving it for later use, but i tend to forget where i put them so i end up giving them away/ forgetting i have them. Bought a set of Victoria's secret underwear in 2004, there was this mad sale going on so i bought loads of panties, wore some and kept about 10, found them this year and was pissed to find out they're now tight for me (and no my backside didn't become bigger, it's the underwear did shrink mysteriously).
8. I've been told that i talk in my sleep sometimes. If u call me and i'm asleep, i'd pick up the phone, 'cos my cell is always under my pillow, and have a conversation with u, yet have no clue i spoke with u the next morning.
9. I can't sleep without cuddling a pillow/ a teddy/ my bible, just anything. I've to cuddle something to have a good nite/ day's sleep.
10. I can't go anywhere without my crucifix on my neck. Shouldn't be used as an amulet, i know, but i kinda feel protected when i have it on my neck.
11. I hardly ever dream when i sleep.
12. I tend to over-analyze things a lot. For example, i may be eating Indomie or Ramen noodles and be thinking of how it looks coiled like the seminiferous tubules in the testicles. That helps me in remembering stuff.
13. I'm embarassed to write this, but it's my blog jo. There was this thing we had in high school/ primary school called the "FLEM" (FLAME) test to know a guy/ crush's status.
# of leftover letters
F- Friend 1,5,9,13
L- Love 2,6,10,14
E- Enemy 3,7,11,15
M- Married 4,8,12,16

So pick a gal/ guy u like say Oladotun and Olufunke right. Cross out the common letters in both names, in this case, "o, l, u, n" are common so u cross 'em out and count the letters left, in this case, 8. Which corresponds to Married.
I've run the FLEM (FLAME) test on many of my crushes. It's weird that i still do it sometimes. Childish, i know but please allow me. I can be goofy like that at times. Of course, OF has undergone the FLEM (FLAME) test, and i won't tell u the result.

Anyhoos, i think i tried with this tag thingy. Have a blessed weekend folks.


SapphireAster said... who charged aristo baba? For what? Sexual wa o...

I hold my poop too o...I will NOT poop when I go to someone else's house...I dont even try my body just knows its in a new environment. I like to see it as a good thing jare

Naijadude said...

Hahahah @ smelling hands after scratching the scalp! Who am I to say thats weird? LOL...

Anonymous said...

lol, i love to smell my fart too and then tell myself "ahh, aurasoul, that was bad"
I remember FLEM, if my crushes happen to be M=married..., my day used to be made. Wow, those days.

About oga aristo, i pray things turn around for good oh. But, really...Is is sexual harassment?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Girl you are not weird - you are funny. I am so going to try that FLEM test - LOL -

My prayers goes out to the guy charged.

Have a blessed weekend.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Ive tried you're test - its very weird - Ive tried all my names - the same - na waoo-

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@SAFAYAH: O gal, na so we see am o. Same with my bodi o. It knows automatically not to poop in an outside environment.

@Najadude: U too? We're special like that.

@Aurasoul: O gal, we rock as in members of the Association of Fart Smellers. U were also into FLEM? See i knew i wasn't that weird.

@LOASCM: I'm praying for him seriously o. As per FLEM, i try all my names until i get the one that says L or M.

Omosewa said...

I do the flame test too, it's FUN. I just pick random people i think would look good together and do the test on them. I thought it was FLAME though, either way we get the gist hehehe.

4wardnfiaca said...

i think efri1 wey sch for naija do the flame test.
as for the fart smelling...wut can I say.
The pooping in a new environment is a nogo for me sef, so i just tell mai bodi to tanda till we reach haus.
ur tagging dey 2 4ny sha

Justme said...

I was going to send u my email, but i realized my name will appear (arggh) . send me yours. what arm were u in? & what house?

Anonymous said...

hmmm so its called FLEM eh? hehehe. **whispering** When i get bored enough i do it too (for giggles). And when its not the result I want, i resort to using my full opposed to the shortened version. lol.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Omosewa: I knew i wasn't that weird. Anyways, it could be FLEM/ FLAME same thing na idea we need.

@4wardnfiaca: I don't even tell my bodi, it automatically knows that we don't go about taking a poop outside.

@justme: U know i know u, so stop fronting jere. Lemme tell u ur life history a bit. I was in Danfodio. Email me,

@belle: Are we fighting, haha. U just ignored me sha. U do the FLEM test too, ha. Me too, whenever i don't get the result i want, i use my full name, my middle name until i get my desired result. Too funny.

Desola said...

Hey Bijou, how are you? I missed you for some reason I don't know. You haven't been away have you?

FLEM? You make me reminisce the old days. Hmmm...have a wonderful week dearie.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Bijou...abeg change it to FLAME...

anyways...your goodness...i read about it...and I hope it's not true...I dont know your professor but me I was shocked...God be with his family...and in Jesus' Name, the truth shall be revealed and punishment awarded accordingly

Anonymous said...

bijouuuu! ignored ke?? send me an email with your explanation!

yankeenaijachick said...

@bijouxoxo.............that was very funny. Girl, ya rite, it's ur blog. lots of love.

temmy tayo said...

FLEM??? UHmnnn.....

I remember the time.....
I have to blog about my weird ways soon.

ChiefO said...

bijou u remember this was wat we talked about two nites ago. u know now, saying things and them happening soon after.

Uzo said...

I remember FLAME. Those were the days. Anyway, this professor has been charged with what? You smell your hands? You are truly weird

Biodun said...

FlAME was kool back in high skool, lol but I have used it on every guy I have ever liked, lol
U r nasty for smellin ur hands o, like ewwww, ha ha
Hope everything works to the favor of the prof

Daddy's Girl said...

Eyah.. poor aristo. And what a coincidence that you just blogged about it and people said that this might happen! Eerie!

Bijou, this your list is funny o! I enjoyed it. But the 'old tights as hairnet' thing and the 'liking awoof' thing are not weird o - you're just a sharp girl who uses her marbles right (like moi!) LOL Anyway, I do the same things, but I think my liking freebies sometimes causes me to be foolish - as in 'penny wise...'

FLEM/FLAME test? Too cute... especially reading the comments and seeing that other people still do it too...

Ehen, and pls no hold your poop for days again o, I can understand doing it in OAU with the nasty toilets and all - but no do am again o! You be doctor sha, so you know the effects...

And I do the finger-smelling thing as wll...

snazzy said...

As per the aristo guy r u saying that you are hoping he is innocent or you r saying you hope he gets off regardless. Anyway, your wierdness has disturbingly practical applications. The poop control has already served you well. You are protected from vampires 24/7 (very crucial in america or so I hear), and most importantly you can be that girl who during some crisis can be like, "yeah I have (insert random object) that is needed to save our lives from..." Aiight I'm done.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Desola: Aunty Dessy, i've been very much around o. I tend to have that effect on people u know, they can't afford not to miss me. Have a blessed week too.

@Diamond: Now girl u're really beginning to scare me. U read about it ke? For where? I'm calling u tonite anyways. How have you been? AMEN to ur adura.

@Belle: I've just missed u ojare. Don't mind me. I'll shoot u an email today sha.

@yankeenaijachick: It's my blog and i can write wharreva jo. Thanks mami.

@Temmy: Mon darling egbon, i so can't wait to read about ur weird ways.

@ChiefO: 2 nites ago ke? U and who spoke 2 nites ago? Abi u're having one of ur weird moments again? I really need to be careful what i say, 'cos whenever i say things, they tend to come to pass.

@Uzo: Now u think u can make me feel bad? It ain't working, and u berra stop fronting dere like u don't do worse things, hmm lemme not open ur fowl's yansh for here o. Na so we see am o, prof has been charged. FLAME test, i still do it and u too. Knew i wasn't the only weird one here.

@Biodun: Lemme not yab the shokolokobangoshe outta u. U want to tell me u don't smell ur hands? Anyways, me too o, i've used FLAME on every guy i've ever liked.

@Daddy's girl: Words are powerful o. Infact i couldn't believe it when i heard the news. At 1st i thot 'twas my friend that reported him. Are u sure u're not my long lost twin i've been looking for? Funny thing is that sometimes, i tend to spend more while looking for freebies, and i always promise myself to repent. Did u attend OAU? Mehn, those toilets were nasty. But trust me, and my roomies to devise strategies and guess who the ringleader was?

@snazzy: I'm hoping he's innocent that's what i'm saying. I'm sure there's some element of truth to the story though. I dunno if i understand ur last statement though. Are u referring to the holding poop thingy. Explain yasef:
"You are protected from vampires 24/7 (very crucial in america or so I hear), and most importantly you can be that girl who during some crisis can be like, "yeah I have (insert random object) that is needed to save our lives from..."

Anonymous said...

SMELL YOUR OWN makes me choke! That was funny though

SapphireAster said...

mehn i read about aristo fada...girl it DOES NOT look good..

mosaic said...

Your list was too funny. I think a lot of us do the same things. Using old pantyhose to tie your hair? LOL. There was a joke that when people do that and they sweat at night...and all of a sudden they're like, "why am I smelling....?" LOL I know that you wash them first, though.

BTW...why would you want the guy to get off if he did something wrong? Has he been wrongly accused?