Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random Rantings

What's up folks? I'm trusting y'all are doing very well by God's grace. Nothing much has been happening as usual. I came down with a very bad cough and cold last Friday but now i feel much better, i even lost my voice for a day. Thank God for cough drops and Vicks.

A Naija guy that attends school not too far from mine contacted me via facebook. According to him, ok we'll call him Ebi, he wanted to check out the school for his friend that was gonna transfer into the Nursing program. Yesterday we all met up and had so much fun chatting and taking pictures. Ebi came in company of his friend that just took the MCAT exam and passed it, so we had loads to talk about of course. They even attended bible study with my girls and i, which was great. Can someone please tell me why my Kasali, decided to act up yesterday?

Kasali is my car, see it's a very cool car and whenever i drive it, i feel on top of the world for some reason. It's one of those cars that when pple see u in, they think ur money has arrived. If only they knew the story behind it! I'm sure some folks at school, scratch that, i know some folks at school that are jealous of me 'cos of Kasali o. I tell u, it's just plain crazy to be jealous or envious 'cos if u know the story behind some things, u'd realize the folly of ur jealous ways. Back to Kasali, that's how i ran out of gas o and Kasali no gree start. Sho! I gas up my car every Sunday, and that lasts me for a week, ceteris paribus. So u can imagine the shock on my face when Kasali no gree start. I'm very bad when it comes to managing cars, u know checking the oil, and all that stuff (BOYFRIEND WHO KNOWS A LOT ABOUT CARS NEEDED ASAP). Sikira of blessed memory, my former car, suffered in my hands. That was my very first car and i killed it. Me that i was forming babe before, see how this yeye car dan burn my cable sha. Big gal wey no fit put gas in tank, abi? Sha, sha, sha i sorted that one out, and we didn't let that mishap spoil our fun.

My people, i was inspired today o. As in everything happens for a reason. I don't believe in coincidences at all. That's how i checked the mail o, and saw our local hospital's newsletter in the mailbox. I'm like sho! since when did i start getting newsletter from these peeps. It so happened it wan't addressed to me and it was in the wrong mailbox, 634 instead of 633. I just flipped thru the pages and saw an article about the new chief of cardiothoracic surgery. The guy was originally from Cameroon, and when i read about the obstacles he faced and how he turned them into opportunities, i was awed! This is someone that wouldn't let the circumstances of his birth determine his future. He was a foreign student yet, went to Harvard for his residency, infact one of the best schools for med school and all. Not like he could afford it or his family, 'cos his father was a cattle rearer in Cameroon. I've promised myself that i MUST speak to him before i graduate in May. How i'm gonna do that, i have no idea. But i'll see if i can get his direct line, email, anything, i just need to glean some words of wisdom from this man who has achieved so much. I need people like that to inspire me, to mentor me, to keep me focused.

Anyways, that's it for now folks. I'm charged up for TERC tomorrow. You guys don't want to miss out, 'cos tomorrow's gonna be exciting, som'n extra special. See you guys tomorrow, God willing.


DiAmOnD hawk said... did you put the newsletter back or what?

and i want to see this kasali that you're always raving about

yep TERC should be great tomorrow!!!! looking fwd to it!!!

azuka said...

That must be some car. Any pictures to make us jealous?

Eagle's Nest!!! said...

Interesting! Africans are specially gifted by God. We break through barriers to attain enviable heights. The best Surgeon in Maryland is a Nigerian, an Igbo brother.

So, what's up with this TERC fellowship thing? Is it exclusive to some blogville members?

Thanks for the comments on my blog!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Nne I have word for you. We shall see tomorrow God willing. I am felling very very tired. Biko. Wake me up before I over sleep again. Have a great night.

Eagle's Nest!!! said...

On TERC. I did call you guys and heard the sweetest voices of innocents girls I had ever heard in my life. There are some suggestions that I think can help out in this endeavor. I was so blessed even though many of you were trying to figure out who Joel is.

Una get code if identification? Do I need to say Eagle's Nest for proper identification?

I wonder why the guys were silent, were they asleep or what?

BTW: Oyinbo yin ti po ju. Can we speak Yoruba, Twi, Swahili and Igbo? lol

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Diamond: Put the newsletter back ke? It's under my pillow to inspire me. I'll put up a pix of Kasali as soon as i get my USB cable.

@Azuka: Well, i love my Kasali sha. But some pple might be dissappointed when they see the pix, like oh so this is what she's making noise about.

@Eagle's nest: For real? I've to figure out who the Igbo brother is. Terc isn't exclusive to anybody as long as u're interested in fellowshipping with believers, then come on board.

@LOASCM: God bless you plenty plenty my dear sister for that word/ prophesy. 'Twas really inspiring.

@Eagle's nest: It was wonderful having u with us today. U know i had a hard time tryna place ur voice. Ur voice sounds so similar to Naijadude's. Yes o, we're innocent now, I'll shoot u an email right away, i'm always open to suggestions.

As for the guys now, they're ur brodas u can talk to them nau. U know u men are not as vocal as we ladies, i think for the most part they made some insightful comments. But come to think of it, women are the most active in church, and when it comes to the things of God in general.

It'll be utter chaos o, by the time y'all break into different tongues mehn.

Eagle's Nest!!! said...

I'm waiting on your email! Yes, my email address is

Eagle's Nest!!! said...

Okay! Got your email. But I won't be hasty to suggest anything at the moment until we met again on Friday.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@eagle's nest: Ok

DiAmOnD hawk said...

so you stole your neighbor's newsletter.... tut tut... shame on you!

omohemi Benson said...

lol at naming your cars,
But why such raz names?

Name the car,Phil or Brad and see how it will behave.

Oruko lo ro motor re.