Saturday, March 17, 2007


Hey folks, how're y'all doing? The TERC blog has been started. Anything that relates to TERC will be on there, including a summary of what we discuss at each fellowship meeting.

Also, whatever questions you may have on the topics discussed, or on any part of the scripture you need a clearer understanding of, please feel free to drop ur questions in the comments section and i'll post it up on the blog for people to respond to.

The dial-in instructions and the keys to press whenever u call in are under "TERC Instructions" on the blog.

Remain blessed people.


temmy tayo said...

Thanks for checking little sis, i am back now.

Niyi said...

Cherub ( i am still used to Bijou..I have to remind myself to write Cherub... lol),

- Responding to your question on Jaycee's blog:

As per TERC....hmmm..I am in a Central Standard Time zone o..- that will be 4a.m. So, for now, I will contribute by commenting when applicable. I appreciate the invitation.

Also, I hope you are feeling better- saw in your previous post that you are recovering from a cold and cough.

Have a great evening.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

@Egbon mi, Temmy: I love u big tyme. Kilode? I just begged u to come back and kia kia u surfaced. A big MUAH to u on ur forehead. Did u feel that?

@Niyi: I'm all of the above and more (lol). Haba! U can't give me that excuse o 'cos there are pple that call in from CST zones and all orisirisi zones. I'm feeling better, thanks for asking. Opelope cough drops, Heatol and Vicks Maximum strength. Anyways, as per calling, just be led by the Holy spirit.

Have a great evening too!